All-Star Break Checklist

1. DFA pitcher John Maine. Cut a deal with whoever picks him up or release him so he can get on with becoming Aaron Heilman v2.0.

2. DFA pitcher Oliver Perez. No one is going to touch this guy, so the Mets are simply going to have to eat this contract. I really don’t care if he comes back and becomes a 20-game winner for some other club. He’s not a Met and I don’t want to write about him anymore.

3. DFA thid baseman Luis Castillo. I have nothing against him and I think he was well worth the six mil the Mets paid him last year, but I’d really like to give the rest of this season to Ruben Tejada on second base and see how the chemistry works out with him and Jose Reyes. Castillo should be picked up by some contender and the Mets outght to work out some second-level prospect for him. Also, expect the Mets to have to pick up at least half his 2011 salary.

4. Get the Cliff Lee deal done. Offer OF Fernando Martinez, SP Jenrry Mejia, and 1B Nick Evans. Throw in either RP Bobby Parnell or SP Mark Cohoons if they want more. None of these moves will hurt the Mets.

5. Sign SS Jose Reyes through 2015. I’ve gone back and forth on the value of this guy, but, after watching the Mets dominate in June behind Reyes’ leadership, I’m once again convinced the team starts with a healthy and happy Jose.

6. Sign 3B David Wright through 2015. Hell, feel free to sign him through 2019. This is the Wright-Reyes era and, if you are willing to pay Perez $11mil, this guy is worth the moon.

7. Start sending flowers to the agent for OF Carl Crawford. In my books, there is no better outfielder available in the off-season and he would be a welcomed replacement for Jeff Francoeur, who is under a one-year contract. I love Frenchy as a member of the team but he just doesn’t hit enough. A 2011 outfield of Crawford, Carlos Beltran, Jason Bay, and Angel Pagan sounds perfect to me.


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