Great News From P Brant Rustich

Hey Mack,

I thought I'd give you a quick update. I'm back in San Diego, flew back home on Sunday, had surgery Friday. I feel absolutely fantastic. It's almost hard to believe, but I'm not even on pain killers anymore. I noticed an immediate improvement in my arm/hand after surgery. The improvement is already more after just a few days than I was ever expecting. I'm regaining sensory nerve function daily and my arm weakness and pain has completely left. I no longer have a cold hand, and all of my previous symptoms seem to be non existent. The doctor said it is common to see immediate relief because I had severe compression that was obvious to have been there for many years. Once the compression was released and the scar tissue removed, I feel like I have a new right arm. As for the pain and discomfort, I was off morphine after the first night and placed on vicodin. Flew home 2 days after surgery, I have minimal swelling. The procedure lasted 1 1/2 hours, and I can't be happier. It feels like a miracle. Dr. Pearl is obviously amazing at this procedure. Anyways, I'll keep you posted in the next couple weeks.



David Rubin said...

GREAT news!!! Wishing Brant a speedy recovery, and hope we will be able to see him in the bigs by mid-season, 2011!!!

Mack said...

And, he could be ready by then.

Rustich is a big time pitcher that doesn't need anymore minor league time, other than to strengthen his wing.

David Rubin said...

Totally agree, Mack- and with 3 great pitches and excellent velocity, it would seem, with renewed health, that has time has finally come!!!

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