Baby Steps


So, I guess today was a good day for Mets fans.

Now, you know me, any day about minor leaguers is a good day for Mack. Heck, I had 1,000 hits before the sun went down… somewhere.

First on the loss: P Elvin Ramirez is a nice guy. One of the quiet ones. Has always thrown 93-95, but… 98-99??? And it just happens to happen a week before the Rule V? I keep lots and lots of notes on Mets minor league players and I have only three paragraphs on Elvin. Never came close to making my top 100 “Keepers” list this year. He simply never put it together as a Met, especially at the higher levels where batters tend to only swing at strikes. If he does well past this, more power to him and the team that picked him.

Now, the additions: As a minor league sports writer, I am thrilled with the acquisition of pitcher Pedro Beato (#10 on Keepers List), IF Brad Emaus (#21), and RP Ronnie Moria (#31). RHP Richard Brooks and OF Quinton Berry’s names didn’t jump off the page at me, so I’ll reserve opinion right now. I hope Beato is happy to be a Met because the team has tried to sign him for years. Emaus has serious pop for a middle infielder… this email in from ex-Met Teddy Dziuba:

“Emaus was on my short list...solid pick. Played against him in the Cape, he is the real deal. Really tough out at the plate”

Plus, he really screws up the second base soup. I’m sure Luis Castillo is having a real bad day.

So, I’m happy right? I mean, what more could I want from a big market team, playing ball in New York City, than to commit five roster spots to five players off of some other team’s scrap heaps?

And, you have to be thrilled when your new General Manager is telling the press that the future payroll of your favorite team may be lower than 100K

Listen folks. As one of my fellow Met writers said, I’m just some guy from Savannah. What the hell do I know, right?

Well, you keep reading about your team. They’re going to make a lot of headlines in 2011.

A lot of them.

Some will actually be on the field.


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