The Mets Dream Team: I'm Not Buying It Yet


 Oh, somebody out there is going to say that it's only Mack out there talking through his arse again, and I hate to the first to jump off the band wagon, but these things should be said around now:

According to my calculations, a bunch of guys declared free agency, a bunch more minor leaguers were set free, some of the scouts and coaches were sent packing, some more minor leaguers were released, and John Maine was sent away today. In return, the Mets added two scouts, three Vice Presidents, re-sign ex-Met Mike O'Connor, and signed a 17-year old out of the DR that will be ready in 2016.

Conservatively, that's over a ten million dollar savings so far, which doesn't include the money saved paying Razor Shines and HoJo, nor the difference between Jerry Manuel and Terry Collins.

Regarding Collins, this doesn't even look like a safe pick, no less a time tested successful-in-the-past pick as well. Collins win-loss record as a major league manager is dismal, his past players say he led the league in F-bombs in the dugout, and I haven't read that many people respected in baseball say too many nice things about him lately, nor agree that the Mets picked the right guy.

There have been no free agents signed, and no new FA minor leaguers have even signed with the Mets. It does take two to tango and the problem here could be two-fold, but I would have expected someone, anyone, to be added by now. I mean, in case you haven't noticed, all the other teams are doing it.
No, don't tell me they don't have the money. Ten mil and counting.
Where are the coaches? I know it's customary not to name the minor league honchos until around the end of January, but shouldn't the Queens crew be finalized?
Look, I'm not writing this to get more "hits" on this site, nor am I naive enough to think that other sites will link this back to me to increase my readership.

The fact is that the "grace period" for these changes happen to be happening at the same time the rest of the industry is building their next team. Free agency is happening now. So is arbitration, winter meetings, owners meetings, and Rule V... this is not the time for the Mets, their fans, or those that cover them, to sit back and let this grow roots first.

I'm not asking for a return of the Omar days, when there would have been at least five 35-year olders signed to minor league contracts. I'm just asking for one signing.

My loyalty has always been to the readers who come here to read what I think is going on, and to the players who have learned to trust me that I have their back.

Everybody involved with the Mets wants this team to succeed. Hell, the Steinbrenners want this team to succeed. There has never been more money thrown the Mets way than the year of the Subway Series.
But, I'm just not buying this yet. And, I'd like to see a few less suits and a couple more ballplayers, or,if it doesn't happen, this is just a Nelson Doubleday version of the bank bailout.
And, please... don't tell me I don't know what I'm talking about. I was a Senior Vice President for a company owns by Tom Hicks. I told General Managers to make a budget that didn't exist, while at the same time, making plans to roll our NY Stock Exchange company into another company owns by Hicks and his brother.
Suits get rich, everyone else comes in second.

Been there, done that.
Let's hope I'm wrong. Let's hope the Mets begin to finish up the coaches list, add a minor leaguer or two, sign at least another SP5, revamp the med-team, and give the Mets fans and players more reasons to wake up excited every morning.
I've been wrong before.
I can live with that.


Russ said...

I think that it is premature to make an assessment.

It would be great if the coaching staff was in place, but it is better to take time to hire the right people. We don't know what discussions have been held with with prospective coaches. That's not necessarily the type of thing that should be broadcast through the media.

This is a weak free agent market, so, budget issues aside, there isn't much that can be done there.

From what I've read, the new team is reluctant to make trades until they have conducted an inventory of the entire system. Imagine if Juan Urbina was traded for a LOOGY because it was not known that he is better than his 2010 5.03 ERA. I would hate to see a prospect with elite talent traded for a role player.

I don't expect the 2011 Mets to be serious contenders, so I'm not expecting an Omaresque move to try to capture lightning in a bottle. The 2011 June draft is when I'll make my first judgement.

Anonymous said...

Offseason has barely begun yet. The Mets are already involved in conversations with two decent pitchers. What in the world do you want? They're not going to blow anyone away and sign ridiculous contracts. They're going to evaluate players and sign the ones that fit in with their plan. Remember the ridiculous Putz signing? It was all fine and dandy but the Mets didnt do their due diligence and figure out that his arm was injured. So lets take a deep breath and let these guys do their jobs and evaluate the team they've assembled when the season begins. To condemn them this early in the offseason is beyond ridiculous.

Frankly, I think you're just doing this to raise a stink and draw eyeballs. After years of folly with Steve Phillips and Minaya and co, all you want is knee-jerk myopic-thinking signings. Fans like you are pathetic.

Mack said...


Thanks for the comment.

I actually agree with most of what you said; however, I never asked in the piece for a big time free agent.

I just asked for at least one addition during the period in which all teams are allowed to sign someone.

Being reluctant to make trades until they have conducted inventory of the current staff (three more subtractions last night) is frugal, but also suicidal during thet period when new players are being signed by others.

And how do you evaluate someone at home with their family for the holidays?


Mack said...

Dear No Name (figures):

1. I'm not a fan. I'm a sports writer.

2. The J. J. Putz signing was a good one. Rehab the guy and lok what happens in 2010: 7-5, 2.83

3. You're reaching on Urbina...

4. Good... you wait for the draft and let everyone that's available right now sign with other teams... then you can evaluate the team with the draft picks and try and figure out what the team will be like... in 2015

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