Savings So Far: $11,495,000

The Sandy (M.U.S. – moves under Sandy)


- Offered P Hisanori Takahashi only a one-year contract to remain with the team


-All coaches and scouts officially become free-agents

- Released official names of free agents:

Henry Blanco: - savings: $ 750,000

Elmer Dessens:- savings: $ 700,000

Kelvim Escobar:- savings: $1,250,000

Pedro Feliciano:- savings: $2,900,000

Fernando Tatis:- savings: $ 850,000 ( - $6,450,000)

11-2-10: -

Advance scout, Bob Johnson, has resigned and has accepted a scouting job with the Atlanta Braves

Scout Russ Bove’s contract was not renewed.

Scout Duane Larson’s contract was not renewed

Special Assistant Sandy Johnson has left the organization

Coach Razor Shines has not been retained

J.P. Ricciardi has been hired as an Assistant to the General Manager

11-3-10: -

Released: - RHP Sal Aguilar, RHP Jake Goldberg, RHP Brian Needham, RHP Trey Rackel, C Michael Moras, OF Charlie Hinojosa, OF John Semel

RP Manny Alvarez was placed on the 40-man roster

SS Jose Reyes’ contract option was picked up for the 2011 season

11-4-10: -

"Indefinitely suspended w/o pay" (i.e.- FIRED) clubhouse manager Charlie Samuels. Club calls it "ongoing personnel matter."

Dropped from 40-man roster and sent to Buffalo (AAA):

RP Eddie Kunz

P Raul Valdez

1B Mike Hessman

OF Jesus Felicano

C Omir Santos

2B Joaquin Arias was picked up on waivers by XXXX –

Savings: $20,000 Total to Date: $6, 470,000

11-8-10: Hired Paul DePodestra as Director of Player Development and Amateur Scouting


Released: RHP Cole Abbott, RHP Dan McDonald, RHP Tim Stronach, RHP Zach Von Tersch, C Jordan Abruzzo, 2B Andy Green, 3B Marinus Vernooij, OF Kurt Steinhauer

Declared Free Agents: -

1B Mike Hessman, C Omir Santos, RHP Yhency Brazoban, RHP Brian Bruney, RHP Chad Cordero, RHP Jack Egbert, RHP Johan Figuereo, RHP Carlos Muniz, LHP Derrick Ellison, LHP Arturo Lopez, LHP Mike O’Connor, LHP Adam Pettyjohn, LHP Raul Valdes, C Michael Barrett, C J.R. House, C Salomon Manriquez, C Luke Montz, 1B Marshall Hubbard, 2B Russ Adams, 2B Alex Cintron, 2B Jonathan Malo, 3B Mike Cervenak, SS Jose Coronado, OF Brahiam Maldonado, OF Jorge Padilla, and OF Jesus Feliciano. - savings: - Hessman, $425K, Bruney, $1.5mil - total: $1,925,000

Savings to Date: $8,395,000

11-14-10: - Hire scout Roy Smith from Toronto

Hire scout Jim D'Aloia from Toronto

11-18-10: - Re-signed minor league RP Michael O’Connor

11-19-10: - Assigned to the 40-man roster:

SP Josh Stinson

SP Armondo Rodriquez

IF Jordany Valdespin

3B Zach Lutz

11-23-10: - Hired Terry Collins as Manager

Hired Roy Smith and James D'Aloia as professional scouts

Relieved Howard Johnson as Hitting Coach

11-30-10: Signed 17-yr old Alfredo Reyes out of the DPL baseball league in the Dominican Republic – signing bonus: +$200,000

(Savings to Date: $8,195,000)

12-2-10: SP John Maine is non-tendered (savings: $3.3mil)

(Savings to date: $ 11,495,000)


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