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Dae-Sung Koo:

On May 21st, 2005 Dae-Sung Koo had his biggest moment in the majors when he hit an unlikely double against future Hall of Famer Randy Johnson. Koo would hit a shot over Bernie Williams’ head right after Tim McCarver said that it was "the biggest give-up at-bat." He would then hustle around and score on a Jose Reyes bunt. At that moment he had the Mets fans screaming "Koooooo!" That was when Koo, became a Mets legend. Well, not really. Unfortunately for Koo, 2005 was his only season in the majors. He only pitched in a total of 33 games, and had a 3.91 ERA and 23 strikeouts in 23 innings, but at least he was able to provide Mets fans with a memorable moment from the Subway Series. - http://bleacherreport.com/articles/791417-five-mets-who-you-might-or-might-not-remember-since-the-year-2000#/articles/791417-five-mets-who-you-might-or-might-not-remember-since-the-year-2000/page/4  

Mike Baxter:

The 26-year old Baxter was an intriguing waiver steal by the Mets back on July 22nd when they nabbed him from tonight's opponent, the San Diego Padres -- no doubt another player DePo kept an eye on from his time there. The Padres had been stashing him on the 60-day DL since he tore thumb ligaments back in March, but lost him to a numbers crunch when he returned -- probably hoping he'd quietly slip through waivers without any notice. The 26-yr old Queens native was originally drafted in the fourth round -- 128th overall -- in ‘05 after playing first at Columbia and then transferring to baseball powerhouse Vanderbilt. For those wondering, yes he WAS a teammate of fellow Buffalo outfielder Fernando Perez with Columbia. He also teamed with David Price in his junior year with the Commodores - http://www.amazinavenue.com/2011/8/8/2351884/prospect-spotlight-of-mike-baxter  

Tyson Seng:

8-8-11: - http://www.brooklyncyclones.com/news/topstories/index.html?article_id=1204  - TYSON SENG- A 33rd round selection in the 2011 MLB Draft, Tyson Seng has been one of the most effective relievers in the league’s most effective bullpen. The righthander has allowed only two earned runs in 28.0 innings for a 0.64 ERA. Since July 1st, Send has allowed just one earned run and has struck out 29 while compiling a 3-1 record with two saves out of the Brooklyn bullpen.

Ruben Tejada:

8-9-11: - The Mets have seen glimpses of excellence from the 21-year-old Tejada, but still are not convinced he can hit enough to be an everyday player. Tejada, who went 1-for-4 with a single, is batting .250 with no homers and 19 RBIs in 172 at-bats for the Mets this season. Collins said he told Tejada this is his chance. "I said, 'If you approach the game the way you're supposed to here, you'll never see Buffalo again,' " Collins said. "As we've often said, 'This is your chance to show everybody this is where you need to be and where you're going to stay.' - http://www.nypost.com/p/sports/mets/collins_to_tejada_it_your_chance_Ox4v6b4qgbZEblXT9geb1M#ixzz1UXJCPEUJ  
Paying Jose:

This latest injury to Jose Reyes’ hamstring puts the nail in the coffin. There is just no way the New York Mets can sign him to a Carl Crawford-like contract with his injury history, nor should they. He’s a wonderful athlete and a wonderful player while on the field, but literally since the day he came to the majors, he’s had problems with his legs. If you recall at one point as a rookie while rehabbing, they even tried to teach him to run differently. Forget the blood disorder or any other aliments he’s had, it’s the recurring leg issues for a player whose biggest attribute is in the fact that he excels in an area of the game that you can’t teach, running, that’s the problem. Reyes had four injury free years from 2005-2008, but that’s sandwiched between years where he just could not stay on the field. Even with that four year stretch where he averaged 158 games, in his nine year career Jose has averaged playing only 113 games per year. Playing only 77 games per year on average for five years spoils the party. If you can’t stay on the field, you can’t produce. If you can’t produce, you can’t get paid. Sorry Jose - http://thexlog.com/201108090812/xtra-bases/mlb/mets-guarantee-daniel-murphy-opportunity-for-starting-spot-in-2012  


Charles said...

Jose, Jose, Jose...where for art thou Jose. Art you on thy disabled list? Well, Jose's latest steal was a swipe of 15 more games he stole from his season, bringing this years tally to at least 30 on the season in which Mr. Reyes has had to watch from the sidelines as his team battles without him. Maybe Freddy Wilpon is better at predicting future contacts for his players then he is at predicting which stock brokers to trust. Perhaps the fans and media owe Fred Wilpon an apology after his distasteful remarks about Jose, however it's starting to look like he was correct. I can't imagine a sharp and savy GM like Alderson giving an injury prone player like Reyes, "Carl Crawford" money now that the first half intrigue has come crashing down to earth after what was possibly the greatest first half in the history the franchise. Yes, maybe another team will barrel right through conventional wisdom and reverse the armored truck full of Benjamins into Reyes' driveway, but unless Reyes accepts a more modest contract in the five year, 85-95 million range, I think the Mets will actually say goodbye to Jose, take the two draft picks, and suffer through at least 2012 with the great defense but light hitting Ruben Tejada. Now, it's too early to assume anything, but Reyes came off his last DL stint and wasn't playing like the "greatest player in the world" like he did in the first half. Perhaps that hamstring wasn't 100% healed like everyone thought. Perhaps getting his monster contract contributed to him returning faster then he ever had before from one of his leg injuries and now he realized theres just no rushing these types of ailments. Perhaps he actually will come back in two weeks and bat over .400, winning the batting title and making sure his contract does sore up into the atmosphere faster then a missle. If someone was willing to give Jason Werth a contract he totally wasn't Werth, you can sure bet Reyes will get to sign his name to a contract bigger then Citifield's dimensions. I just don't think that Sandy Alderson is going to risk the precious few millions he'll have this offseason on a player that has spent so much time on the disabled list over his nine year career. No one wants Jose on the team more then I do, but even I would never give Jose a 100 million dollar contract. This all is going to make for a pretty exciting offseason, and I sure as heck can't wait for it.

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