FLASH - Thole and 'EL' to New York

Josh Thole and Elvin Ramirez will be in New York tomorrow


Stephen Guilbert said...

How long before El becomes the Mets closer?

Mack Ade said...

as I said, on the Mets360 podcast with Brian Joura, BEFORE THE SEASON STARTED, he will end the season as the Mets closer

Soto said...

Is Ramirez on the taxi squad?

Soto said...

Nevermind figured it out.....Wow that means someone is getting DFA'd tomorrow and two more Mets are going to get DFA'd probably next week.

Who do you think Mack?

My guess is Egbert tomorrow. And Im going to make bold statements here and say Johnson gets DFA'd when Beato is ready and Batista gets DFA'd when Young is ready.

Mack Ade said...


He will go on 25-man, cut to be named tomorrow (either Egbert or Schwinden)

Mack Ade said...


I think it will be Schwinden, Egbert, Johnson (the pitchers love Nickeas) and... wait for it... Satin off the 40-man and Ike or Kirk down

Soto said...

Regarding Kirk and Ike....methinks No and No.

Something tells me both will stay and that when Bay is healthy Rottino will go down and the team will try to split starts between Torres, Bay, and Kirk, cause quiet frankly Kirk has been better than both of them.

Question??? Can Zach Lutz be moved to the 60 Day DL? Is his recent injury severe enough? Can the team even do it since he is on Buffalo's DL

And i get the feeling that Satin is going to turn into the new Nick Evans....just constantly up and down up and down.

I like Rubin's tweet on suggesting a low key trade of a 40 man guy for a non 40 man.

Mack Ade said...

Lutz can't get out of bed without breaking something...

I'm put together genetically than him.

Yeah, nice kid, but I'd remove him. He showed no ability/desire to learn any other positon than 3B which was always David's (ask Shawn Bowman) and soon to be Flores'

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