Mack's Mets Draft Profile- SS Gavin Cecchini- Pick #12- Mets


In a continuing series profiling players the Mets have been linked to or are projected to be picked around where the Mets have a selection, today we profile a player who has had more reports linking him to the Mets at #12 than any other player thus far: SS Gavin Cecchini.

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Mets 2012 Draft- Gavin Cecchini- SS- Barbe High School, LA

John Sickels projection: Pick 26- Diamondbacks
Jonathan Mayo projection: Pick 12- Mets
Baseball America projection: Pick 12- Mets
Keith Law: Pick 18- Dodgers
Matt Grabusky: Pick 12- Mets
Mets select: 12.

I included more mock picks above to demonstrate how many experts see the Mets taking Cecchini. I have read quite a number of comments on various Mets blogs (including this one) from fans who are opposed to the idea of drafting Cecchini. Let me share some information about Gavin before you jump to conclusions about him and then let me know in the comments if you still feel the same way:

- Just yesterday named the Louisiana Baseball Player of the Year. This puts him in the running for Gatorade National Player of the Year. 
- As a senior, hit .413 with 7 HR, 32 RBI, 43 runs, and wreaked havoc on the base paths by stealing 32 bases while leading his high school squad to a state championship.
- That was after a junior year where his stat line was even more impressive: .532, 11 HR, 45 RBI in 36 games in a season in which Gavin broke his high school’s record for fielding percentage.
- Tireless worker. Receives universal praise for his work ethic, drive, and maturity for a high school athlete.
- If Cecchini grows into what scouts project, Gavin could offer a strong batting average, a bit of pop, and a ton of speed while leading off and playing above-average defense at shortstop. That is a rare package of tools and while Gavin may lack the “wow” factor some other prospects in the first round have, the sum of Cecchini’s tools make him an attractive option for any team picking in the first round.
- Scouts have stated that Cecchini has a similar skill set to last year’s pick Brandon Nimmo but is further along in the development process.
- Read this article and tell me you would not love this kid in the system. To paraphrase: one night Gavin’s father thought an intruder was in his house just to find his son reentering his home after sneaking out late at night to pull 200-lb. airplane tires to get another workout in. This sort of dedication, which includes taking swings whenever he can—even during his lunch period—is part of what defines Cecchini and has led him to top-10 consideration in the draft.

There will be options at #12. I still think one of Hawkins, Fried, Almora, or Giolito will be around for the Mets selection. I also think the Padres or Pirates could select Cecchini as both have stated they are looking at bats and both would love a shortstop of the future.

The negative reaction from Mets fans to drafting Cecchini is unwarranted. He may not be the best prospect in this class but he is a five-tool defensive shortstop who is a safe bet to stick at his position. That is not common for a high schooler and I would gladly welcome him into the system if the Mets decide to look there at #12.

If you have any comments or questions or would like me to profile any player in specific, please let me know in the comments.



TheCloser said...

I don't think anyone is saying that they wouldn't love to have this kid in our organization and if we had the 18th, 19th or 20th draft picks, this kid would certainly be a top target, but at #12, I believe there's more upside talent available at that spot.

Personally, I would suggest drafting the best pitcher available with the teams #1 pick every year, but that's just because I believe pitching wins championships and bats are easier to get on the free agent/trade market that pitching is, but that's just my opinion.

Stephen Guilbert said...

I would normally agree with you if it weren't for the dire need for hitters in the system.

If Fried or Heaney is there at 12 I would be fine with a pitcher. Outside of that and considering The College 3 and Giolito are not likely to fall (and McCullers probably won't sign), I would rather a hitter.

I love Lewis Brinson by the way. I know he's projected to go as many as 20 picks after 12 but I would reach for him. Also, we could get him for half a million under slot and could invest that money later in the draft.

Just a thought.

Stephen Guilbert said...

Turns out all those rumors linking the Mets to this kid were true.

I am happy with this pick.

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