Mack Ade – Morning Report – 5-23-13


RHPs Rafael Montero and Dylan Owen were transferred from Las Vegas (AAA) to Binghamton (AA)

                Interesting. The Montero move was admitted by Sandy Alderson last night during the game which is probably the best thing in the long run. Let the kid get at least 10 starts under his belt at the AA level. The Owen move looks more like a farm out. This will be the last year Dylan is in the system and I’ll never forget his no-hitter a few years ago. He and Dillon Gee fought it out regarding the correct way to spell their first name and I guess Dillon won.

                The Las Vega rotation is now Zack Wheeler, D.J. Mitchelll, Chris Schwinden, Carlos Torres, and Matt Fox.

                Binghamton is Montero, Logan Verrett, Cory Mazzoni, Jake deGrom, Eric Goeddel, and Mark Cohoon.

Tommy asks –

                Hey Mack, when the heck are they going to move guys like Jayce Boyd and Kevin Plawecki out of Savannah?

                Mack – Well, this is just an ‘educated guess’, but I don’t think you are going to see any major movement of players until after each respective league’s all-star game. I always found it a little sad that players like Cory Vaughn never got to play in their all-star game (Sally League). Why name them to the team if the team isn’t even going to give the player the opportunity to participate in one of these ‘once in a lifetime’ moments. There’s no reason to rush anyone just because some kids online think patience are people that go to hospitals. The right players will eventually move the week after the all-star game (A-ball – Rainy Lara, Plawecki, Boyd, Bret Mitchell…  A+ - T.J. Rivera, Noah Syndergaard, T.J. Chism…  AA: Rafael Montero. Cesar Puello, Cory Vaughn, John Church)

Hopefully, this will be the worst you will see Matt Harvey pitch this year. It wasn’t that he pitched that tremendously bad… it just was the best team that Harvey has faced all season. There really isn’t any holes in the Cincy lineup and you have to be close to perfect to give up less than four runs over nine innings. Harvey matched the four runs, but in 2.3 less innings.

We’ll turn on the television again in five outings. Until then, back to the minors J

(one last thing… makes me sick how the Twitter world now loves Rick Ankiel after trashing him when he signed)

Moving out to Iowa, Zack Wheeler passed another PCL test, though this one was in the none-rarified air of Iowa: 5.0-IP, 67-P, 43-K, 3-ER, 2-K, 2-BB. Pulled him after only 67 pitches, probably due to his missing previous start. His AAA ERA is now a respectable 3.91 (hell, anything under four out there is incredible). This is now his 9th AAA start… target seems to be around 12-13…CF Kirk Nieuwenhuis hiit his 3rd home run…  God, has he just gone away, hasn’t he? I no longer have him in any prospect category and my CF projection sheet lists, in order of projected talent/ceiling, 1. Brandon Nimmo, 2. Matt den Dekker, 3. Vincente Lupo, 4. Eudy Pena. LF Collin Cowgill had a grand slam in the fourth inning, which was only his 7-10th RBI of the season (shaking head)… a real good sign was the fact that Josh Edgin lowered his AAA ERA to 3.00. Obviously, he has returned to keeping the ball down. And, we had a David Aardsma siting (1.0-IP, 0-R, 3-K, 3-BB). I’m telling you, I really like this signing. Don’t be surprised you don’t see him in Queens come August.

Everybody seemed to have a meh outing last night…

                Rainy Lara went only 4.2 innings, giving up seven hits and two earned runs (1.42).

                Noah Syndergaard also gave up seven hits, his being over 5.2 innings (3-ER, 4-K, 2.86).
Like Harvey, these hopefully will be considered one of their ‘bad’ outings this season.


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