The LTJ Editorial: “Errors, strikeouts, and too many boos for #29”

“The LTJ Editorial”
Author: Luis Tirado Jr.
Date: 5-24-13
Twitter: @LTJ81
Website: http://www.thenyexpress.com 

“Errors, strikeouts, and too many boos for #29”

A few years ago, I’ll never forget when I saw the rise of 1B Ike Davis when he debuted in the majors with the NY Mets. All the New York newspapers kept saying how Davis was waiting patiently in the minors and how he would be the next big thing since he put up some pretty good numbers in Vegas AAA. Once he got the call, I remember it was during the middle of the week and he debuted with #29. I remember he hit his first major RBI and was a defensive machine. As he kept getting hits and homeruns, he started to get fan chants when he was at bat, t-shirts with “We like Ike” around Citi Field, and he ended the season with some pretty strong numbers. I knew he would be great for years to come and would help propel the NY Mets to become more of a contender in the NL East.

For the past three years in the majors, Davis kept on improving nicely. He grew in his strong defense at first base, kept hitting more RBI’s/HR’s, and started to really develop his playing style. Just like you, I was anxious to see what he would bring to the Mets this year. I figured he would only continue to improve like the years before now but for some strange reason, he looks lost at the plate. Whenever a Mets game is on, I truly do my best to go live in person, watch on TV, or listen on WFAN. If I miss any Mets games, I have my trusty iPhone armed with the ESPN App to keep me updated literally every inning. Whether I saw Davis live, saw him at the plate, or heard the pitch by pitch when he was at-bat, I noticed he was lacking some of the fundamentals I saw in him the past few years. That fire and determination seemed to have been replaced with confusion and unpredictability. It’s as if he can see himself striking out, he’s just seems completely out of it.

What exactly is wrong? Nobody really knows. Some say he’s always been a “late-bloomer” and he does great as the season progresses. Others say he’s in a funk and needs time to get out of it. My thing is, how much longer does he need? He’s one hit with thirty eight at-bats, can you believe that? In his last twenty five at-bats with RISP, he’s HITLESS! Not a single run scored. I’m sorry but I’m one of those diehard Mets fan since ‘86 and when a player gets into a slump of this magnitude, there really is only one solution. He needs to go down to the minors. I’ve been saying it for weeks, analysts on ESPN have said it, even on radio programs which focus on baseball across the country all agree, it’s time for him to be sent down to AAA Vegas. It’s what will get him back on track. I know sometimes it’ll hit your ego when things get rough and you are demoted. Nobody likes that, especially if you’re in the majors or in any kind of leadership. It’s like being a manager for a few years and you just aren’t making the cut anymore. Your numbers are at the bottom, you don’t have that aggression, and you’re just slumping every time you go to work. Eventually in the real world you’re going to shape up or ship out. Luckily, it’s not like Davis is getting fired or anything. He will be given a humbling opportunity to re-work his playing style away from the spotlight, away from the pressure, and most of all, away from the extraordinary expectation that comes with playing in the majors professionally.

Personally it needs to happen. The Mets are losing a whole bunch of games as of late and sending him down now only benefits the team. It’ll give us an opportunity to call someone up from AAA who can work towards making a name for himself in the majors. Let Davis fix the basics, find his batting stance (and stick with it), work on not striking out so much, and just like he did just a few years ago, get the call up when he’s back to playing like a major league first baseman. His character will be tested. Can he humbly go down to the minors and work his way back up? Will he make a big fuss about it to Management? Will he ever improve to the days where everyone really did like Ike? Only time will tell, but as of now, the time has come for him to do what everyone’s been saying for him to do for weeks now……. Get better in Vegas and we’ll see you again soon!


Mack Ade said...

I'm well on record that I didn't like this pick. I had Alan Dykstra as the top first baseman that year in the draft and he went with the next pick. I guess I am wrong about that one too.

I have watched the Alderson administration simply sit on their hands time and agan and not make the obvious decisions. This is no longer fan or beat reporter based. Davis needs to get away from this and clear his head.

Frankly, I'd come up with some kind of legal way of ending him to extended camp (DL?) and just let him chill in Florida for 30 days with the kiddies. He's no use to us know and isn't really needed until opening day next spring

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