Mack Ade – Morning Report – 5-30-13


I guess we need to take a look see at the SS situation down under now that Omar Quintanilla is in Flushing.

                Las Vegas has some problems. Ruben Tejada is on the DL. They are left with Brandon Hicks (26-at bats, .192) and Brain Bixler (.243), who really is a second baseman. My guess is Josh Rodriguez (AA - .302) will be promoted and Wilfredo Tovar (.232) will take over the starting duties at short for the B-Mets (note: at some point the Mets are going to have to re-evaluate the effectiveness of Savannah Sand Gnats SS Phillip Evans - .192 – and consider promoting last year’s first round draft pick, Gavin Cecchini to Savannah). Danny Muno is also playing some AA shortstop (played there yesterday) so there is some depth here at this level.

I see that one-time pitcher Frank Francisco was move to the 60-man DL to make room for Omar Quintanilla. My guess at this point is we won’t see him anymore in a Mets uniform. And, while I’m at it, I think I’ll throw in Pedro Feliciano and Johan Santana. At least Feliciano and Santana carried their weight when they were healthy. Francisco is a walking poster for not signing a two-year contract with anyone over the age of 30.

Wow. The Cape Cod League starts in two weeks.

Needless to say, the Mack’s Mets site will once again go into overdrive on the first two days of the draft. I’ve prepared posts on the highlights of 336 players that are available for this draft so I should be able to get the information up on the particular player the Mets pick very quickly. I’m also posting my last mock draft that includes the top 266 picks and the Mets first 10 picks in the draft. Various writers and readers of the web site will also join us throughout the day and offer their opinions on what just happened and what might be coming up.

We’ve learned one thing about the Mets on draft day and that is we never go in the same direction they do. Saying that, this might be the most important draft in the last 15 years and the future of this team, the management, and the ownership may all ride on what happens on these June days.
Come and join us please. I promise you the same quality coverage as the past.

Keeping an eye on:

A+ - SP – Alex Panteliodis – Just when we thought we have enough pitching prospects, along comes ‘Johnny Pants’. Alex was 9th round draft pick in 2011 out of the University of Florida and didn’t play for the Mets until 2012 (Savannah – 22-starts, 5-8, 3.64, 1.44, 108.2-IP, 86-K, 33-BB). He got off to a slow start this season, stuck on the Sand Gnats DL with inflammation and we all know how conservative the Mets doctors when it comes to pitchers arms. Never known as a fire baller, ‘Pants’ go-to pitch has always been his curve which sets up an 88-91 fastball that looks 95+ if the curve hits the zone. All the pieces are fitting together this year and Wednesday night was particularly a ++ night (5.0-IP, 0-ER, 1-K, 2-BB). The ERA/WHIP is down to 2.03, 1.01 (5-starts) and Panteliodis has quickly become the ace of the staff.

Rehab – RP – Jeurys Familia Familia failed stage two in his rehab test, giving up a run in one inning pitched (one hit). I know it doesn’t sound like much, but that’ a 9.00-ERA for the night. I just shake my head over the natural talent being wasted here.

AAA – CF – Kirk Nieuwenhuis I don’t usually write a feature about a .229 hitter (last ten games), but times call for exceptions. ‘We’ don’t have that many outfielders that play both a great defensive game but also can send a ball over the fence. Captain Kirk can. He’s hit five home runs in his last 10 games, producing a slash line of .263/.404/.684/1.088. Look, I’ll take .263 and five in ten right now in Flushing.

TTF’s 1st Quarter Mets Report Card –

The New York Mets have to decide which version of themselves they’re going to be, while there are still many months left in the season. The rest of the National League East is playing below expectations (except for the Marlins, who seem intent on proving themselves the worst franchise in mainstream American sports), and there is still time. 17-27 is just not good enough for a team with this many promising players and solid parts. Final Grade: C+ http://throughthefencebaseball.com/new-york-mets-report-card/31852#59kVpU3VYkQ1sy1P.99

Hi Mack, It was great to meet you and your wife in person and hopefully we can meet again next year St. Lucie. As far as the Big club goes I'm still wondering who kidnapped our boys and replaced them with major leaguers ? O.K. just joking but really it’s why I love sports so much because you just never know. Who would have imagined the last 4 games with great pitching, timely hitting and super defense...well like Meatloaf  once sang 2 out of 3 ain't bad. So as was written in the Post this will be our modus operandi going forward but really what team wouldn't want that?  Now getting it is an altogether different thing but we seem to be on the right track at least pitching wise and we know just how difficult building a solid staff can be....Generation K anyone? Going forward I have to remain positive that along with Harvey, Wheeler, Niese and Parnell at least 4 or 5 pitchers out of the 12 to 15 in the minors will be at the very least solid contributors. I agree with the old adage that pitching and defense is the way to go and using the Giants model maybe we are just a year or so away from contending. This is no big news flash but this winter will be HUGE in deciding our future and all the excuses that have been used in the last few years won't hold water anymore. I'm actually looking forward to game 4 of the Met/Yankee series and I never would have thought that just a few days ago. O.K. Mack I gotta leave with question....what"s up with Meija and if he pitches well how soon will he be brought up? Well lets go Mets and also hope we don't draft another SS. Thanks, Gary Seagren

                It was great breaking bread with you and Mrs. Gary also.

Regarding Mejia, I think the problem is just an ongoing ability to pound the zone while, at the same time, keep his arm at 100%. This all goes back to when the Mets turned him into a relief pitcher in Queens and then attempted to extend him back to a starter in Buffalo during cold weather. This was a perfect storm of bad pitching ju-ju and basically, it was the end of Mejia’s career from that day on.

Frankly, I would give Mejia and Familia the opportunity to compete for the ROOGY slot in Queens and the loser becomes a permanent fixture in Las Vegas. I’m done with either one of them ever making the Mets rotation.

As for the direction of the team, I will reiterate what I said on the phone with you today. This isn’t about hitting home runs or pitching shutouts. It’s all about making less mistakes. The Mets have been ‘in’ the lion share of the games this year and they easily could have won at least four more if the mistakes that were made didn’t happen. Four more wins is an eight game swing and you could easiy have been around five down in the loss column at the time that guys like Wheeler, d’Arnaud, and Aardsma arrive. This could have easily been a better season.


Anonymous said...

While I agree that we may never see Frankie Frank...it is worth noting that even though he was transferred to the 60 Day DL he is eligible to be activated from it already.

MLB rules states that time spent on the 15 day DL can carry over when transferred to the 60 Day. So since FF has been on the DL since March 23rd he has already spent 60+ days.

Its the same case as Mejia. Mejia is eligible to come off right now and MUST come off (and be re-added to the 40 man) by June 15th as pitchers are allowed to spend 30 days on a rehab assignment (started May 16th) before activation.

Mack Ade said...

As I understand it, the latest malady for Frankie Frank is a bout of food poisoning.


Willis said...

Mack - I commend your love of Panteliodis but, man, he is far from the ace of a staff that features Syndergaard, Tapia and Bowman. After just one start, I'd even rate Lara ahead of Pants in terms of importance to the rotation.

Just busting :)

Anonymous said...

I heard Feliciano was the case of severe chronic food poisoning and Frankie Frank was a shutdown after trying to start it back up again.

Mack Ade said...

Soto: right, I confused DL pitchers...


come on.. he, his fiancee, and family all read Mack's Mets... give them their day :)

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