Q and A – Buyers or Sellers?


Hey Mack, what the heck do we do now?

That’s a great question (by the way, who was the idiot that decided every interview on television should include at least one recipient’s answer to a question start with ‘that’s a great question?).

          I assume, by the end of the day, that the Mets will have a new shortstop,

          I also assume that the LFer, Catcher, and 1Bman will continue to get out of their batting funk.

Lastly, it looks like both Zack Wheeler and David Aardsma will join the team in the next week or two.

Let’s assume the Mets keep winning 60% of their games between now and the all-star break. That’s 43 games times 60%... let’s say 26-17… add that to the current standings of 21-29 and you’re 47-46, right back in it. More important, many of those wins take place against teams you need to pass in the loss column.

But frankly, you’re still missing major pieces in 2013 to get there before the kids grow up. Two more outfielders, at least another pen pitcher, a fifth quality starter, and probably, a shortstop.

Well, you missed the cryptic message by Sandy when he said the Mets would be buyers this year. We all know we have no depth to pull off trades for people like Stanton or CarGo, but what about guys in the last year of their contract on teams going nowhere? First of all, half their 2013 salary has already been paid and I guarantee the other team will pay at least half of what’s left of what they owe them in 2013.

Examples:  Cubs – SP Scott Feldman (5-4, 2.82)
                     KC –        SP Ervin Santana (3-5, 3.33)
                                     SP James Shields (2-6, 2.96)
                    Seattle – 1B Kendrys Morales (.294)
                                      CF Franklin Guiterrez (.259)
                                     LF Michael Morse (.254, 11-HR)
                    Miami – SP Ricky Nolasco (3-5, 3.65)
                   Brewers – RF Cory Hart (coming off DL)

Pay two of three of them 25% of their 2013 contract, get to the playoffs, put some fans in the stands, slow down the kids and let them mature, and then cast them aside at the end of the season.

I’m just saying…


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