Matthew Silva - Two Cent Tuesdays: Oh Captain, My Captain

First I just wanted to say I hope everyone had a good Memorial Day Weekend. I also wanted to say thank you to the men and women who proudly serve or have served in this great country's military. I found it ironic last night on Memorial Day that the Mets had a Captain to lead our troops instead of losing to one. Normally, the moniker is reserved for #2 in pinstripes and I have grown to loathe it from time to time, but last night David Wright filled the role well and helped the Mets with his stellar overall game. He brought it last night and we salute you, David. His solo shot along with his great double play turn in the 8th inning injected a lot of life into the team and the groaning viewers like myself.

Jay Horowitz has called Wright, "Captain America" and if we hold that true, is Daniel Murphy not the long-time sidekick, Bucky Barnes? These two are the only Mets hitting their share and they essentially saved the Mets from an embarrassing loss to Phil Hughes and the Yankees. Hughes was having his way with everyone (mostly Ike Davis) and it looked hopeless until Wright's at bat. He  tried to challenge David inside and paid the price. The Mets wanted this one. As evidenced by the subsequent throwing of Murphy's bat after getting the go-ahead RBI. We know the Mets aren't going to make the playoffs so it was nice to see them fight for some semblance of a winning streak in a series that they seem to care about more than the Yankees do. By the way, was I the only one worried by the pop  up to Wright at the end of the game? He went with the glove and all I could see on the screen was Luis Castillo. I guess I'm still bitter about that. 

The Subway Series will stay lively tonight since Matt Harvey is pitching against the Yankees best pitcher right now in Hiroki Kuroda. It will be fun to watch this duel and defending home turf against the Yankees is always something we want to do as fans. I really hope there is a good crowd for tonight's game. I'll especially be looking forward to Matt Harvey battle against Robinson Cano. Could they be teammates next year? Ya Gotta Believe, right?

I thought Ike was going to carry some of that late inning magic over t the next game, but obviously that wasn't the case. It seems that the hit will only delay the inevitable demotion rather than stop it. Another three K's and more doubts are really starting to add together. It is tough to watch. We have a new game at home called "How many pitches?" in which we take an over under  on the amount of pitches it will take for Ike to inevitably fan. The best part is that you pretty much always win.

Kudos to Bobby Parnell as well for really coming into his own and becoming the closer we all thought he could be. He has come a long way and you can see it in every Knuckle-Curve he throws. The maturation process has finally finished and he hopefully is going to be the guy that we can turn to in the same way the Yankees look to Mariano Rivera. Mariano is the greatest to ever do it. There is no doubting that, and I always respected his game. It is tough for me to root for a Yankee, but Mo always had a way of making you watch in awe. He was masterful throughout his career and if he appears tonight in the 9th at Citi Field, I hope he gets the rousing ovation he deserves for a stellar career. 


Mack Ade said...

The sad part about this is the fact that the Mets just announced that they are discouting tickets for tonights Matt Harvey-Subway Series game.

Bob Dylan was right... the times they are a changin'

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