Mets Draft Target - LHSP - Ian Clarkin

Clarkin is a 6-3 LHSP out of Madison High School in California. His fastball sits at 93 and also throws a 73-75-curve and a 70-change.

Clarkin was an early top ten pick in the mock season, but has now settled into a late first or supplemental pick. The last five mocks had him below #40, below #34, #18, #13, and #18.

Clarkin has an intriguing two-pitch mix with both a fastball and a curveball that show the potential to be above-average offerings at the next level.  His fastball sits in the 89-91 range but frequently touches higher and played up in shorter appearances on the summer showcase circuit. His curve sits in the low 70s and definitely shows the potential to be a plus pitch with a big break and good shape. His change-up comes in between 78-80 with some fade and some even see his change-up as his primary off-speed offering. He can throw all three pitches for strikes, but his overall command could use some refinement. Clarkin's delivery features a high leg kick and a fast arm that he maintains for his breaking stuff. All in all, Clarkin has an impressive three pitch mix from the left side and while he doesn't have ace potential, there's a chance that he could find a place in a Major League rotation in a few years. link

Fastball:   Clarkin’s fastball is clocked anywhere between 88 to 93mph.  He shows great command and has very good tail and sink on his fastball.  Although his velocity can be inconsistent, his movement can more than makes up for it. It is also my belief that has his body mature and gets stronger you will see more consistencies in his velocity and he could sit around the mid 90’s when all is said and done.  LINK

Projecting Clarkin to have a 91-92 MPH fastball, a plus breaking ball and an average change to me is the low end of his potential and that would be a good #3 starter. I could see him better than that in the future and he could be a #2 starter if he commands all three pitches well and sits 92-94. That could be very likely. He has higher potential than many in the draft, though a lot of it depends on command and that curveball. He is one of my favorite arms in this class and could be a top 15 pick, if not higher with a good spring. - LINK

Mack's Thoughts -  Clarkin has dropped out of consideration as a first round pick and could be around at #48. Still, I don't want to go high school until after the round. He's got a lot of talent but you just don't know how these kids are going to progress.

Now, give me a three-year starter out of Rice or Vanderbilt and my odds get a lot better/


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