Savannah Roster Moves


5/26- OF Champ Stuart transferred to the D.L. retroactive to 5/23 with left calf strain

5/26- INF Amed Rosario transferred from Kingsport roster to Savannah roster


Unknown said...


Where is going to play without moving another infielder somewhere else, pointless to let him sit on the bench.

Mack Ade said...

Mack Ade ·

I would look for more moves within the system in the next 72 hours.

Savannah really needs another outfielder on their roster.

Craig Brown said...

Gotta be Cecchini to Lucie

But if they promote Cecchini, they should promote Dom Smith as well...he's a year younger, and has been the better player on offense and defense.

Willis said...

Dom Smith is barely cutting it in Savannah. It would be insane to promote him.

Tom Brennan said...

Dom Smith had a bad start average-wise. I thought I saw an anecdote that he was hitting in bad luck early on.

He has not hit with power, but he really has hit well for average the past 4 weeks. My gut from all of that is to consider promoting him after their All Star break if he continues his strong hitting and adds a little pop.

Rosario must be opening some eyes to be pushing up to a full season team...great. He can join 2014 Met Minor middle infield heaven, with all the MIF's having strong years already.

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