FLASH: Mets Release 19 Minor League Players


Today the Mets have released 19 players from the organization's minor league system. (Hat tip to Daniel Wexler of NY Future Stars)

Port St. Lucie Mets (A+)
  • RHP Scarlyn Reyes
  • LHP Miguel Gutierrez
Brooklyn Cyclones (SS-A)
  • SS Franklin Correa
  • RHP Jose Geraldo
  • OF Cecilio Aybar
Kingsport Mets (Rk+)
  • OF Grabiel Jimenez
  • RHP Edwin German
  • LHP Aneury Olivo
  • 3B Jeffry De Aza
GCL Mets (Rk)
  • RHP Luis Mateo
  • 1B Luis Montero
DSL Mets 1 & 2 (F-Rk)
  • LHP Michael Martinez
  • RHP Miguel Pinedo
  • RHP Gregori Advincola
  • RHP Jose Guerrero
  • 3B Rafael Valdez
  • LHP Yom Felipe
  • DH Gilberto Espinoza
  • RHP Joel Romero


Ed Marcus said...

Gotta admit I’m surprised by Mateo (that is if it’s the same Luis Mateo that I’m thinking of)

Christopher Soto said...


It is the Mateo you are thinking and I am not surprised......he just has not been very good at baseball lately. At 27 years old, his time was just about up.

Eddie Corona said...

wow some names come to mind that have had high reports at times ...
Scarlyn Reyes
Luis Mateo
Jeffry De Aza
these were names we expected something from ...

Thomas Brennan said...

Not much talent, apparently all Hispanic players,

Eddie, it was the younger Luis Mateo who only had made it to rookie ball and got shelled there this year

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