This midseason, I was sure Jordan Humphreys would be in my top 5 prospects at season's end.  

The 21 year old 6'2", 225 righty was absolutely decimating South Atlantic League competition.  Crushing.  Cremating.  Insert your own verb choice here, dear reader.

He compiled a scintillating 10-1 record in 11 Columbia starts as a 20 year old, a 0.87 WHIP, slightly more than a K per inning. Sub 2.00 ERA.  

Best in the entire organization up to that point in the season.

I was sharpening my pencil and ready to jot Jordan's name into the Mets' 2019 starting rotation. 

I was that impressed.

He then got promoted and had a nice debut for St Lucie right after his 21st birthday.  He had had a lousy 2nd start (no one is great every time out), then an excellent 3rd start...and then the dreaded Tommy John paid a visit.

Presumably, Mr. Humphreys, a wonderful 18th round pick as an 18 year old, will be back in late 2018.  Nah, probably too optimistic - my guess is Opening Day 2019 as a still 22 year old, though - he got the surgery too late (end of August) in 2017 to make it back in 2018.

It sucks to have another stud (Humphreys) out (along with 2016 supplemental first rounder Anthony Kay and great lefty Tom Szapucki) due to this accursed but sometimes just plain necessary surgery (OK, with the Mets, it is MORE than just sometimes).

Hopefully, Humphreys will return as if he was never away and show them, when he returns, that the first half of the 2017 season was no fluke.

Get well, be durable, and we'll be watching when you return.


Thomas Brennan said...

Jordan is doing so much better than Syria, that I will tell you, that I will tell you.

Mack Ade said...

Tom -

As you know, I have the hump much higher on my prospect list.

I never let TJS get in the way of my evaluation. In fact, I usually rank them higher AFTER the surgery.

Mack Ade said...

My other question is, if TJS is such a negative factor, why is Szapucki still #4 on your list?

Thomas Brennan said...

Szapucki i had higher due to his much higher K rate and higher pre-TJS velocity than Humphreys

Thomas Brennan said...

Maybe Szapucki will become our Andrew Miller

Eddie Corona said...

Wow i forget this kid sometimes... He was having a great year...
Since we know the mets spending habits... One of Szapucki , Humphreys, or Peterson need to be a No.2 level pitcher ...
They need to bridge a new wave of players... Degrom should be over his bell curve, Thor may be at the top...

Thomas Brennan said...

Eddie, don't forget my # 19 prospect, Anthony Kay, in that list.

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