A Future Look At: 2B


AAA: - Argenis Reyes: .285/.339/.381/.720

Andy Green: .255/.339/.375/.714

Luis Rivera: .267/.308/.308/.616 combined A+/AAA

AA: - Jonathan Malo: .224/.299/.279/.578 combined AAA/AA

Jose Coronado: .247/.306/.299/.605 combined AAA/AA

A+: - Hector Pellot .277/.352/.373/.725

Josh Satin .288/.389/.426/.815 combined A/A+

A: Imbewar Alvarez: .185/.237/.222/.460

Alonzo Harris .266/.316/.424/740 combined A/K-Port 10-HR

Low-A: - Matt Bouchard .254/.301/.338/640 combined low-A/A+/AA

Matt Gaski: .322/.386/.357/742

James Ewing .143/200/.286/.486

Jordany Valdespin: .298/.349/.438/.787 combined A/low-A/GCL/DSL

K-Port: no one currently assigned

GCL: Ray Van Gurp: .252/361/.305/.666

Marshall Davis: .150/.414/.150/.564

Wilfredo Tovar: .253/.309/.339/648 combined VSL/GCL

DSL: - Yucarybert De La Cruz: .296/.390/.401/.792

VSL: - Sneider Batista: .226/.287/.302/.589

Dimas Ponce: .198/.270/.253/.523

The biggest surprise of the Met’s minor league season, regarding second base, was the trading of Greg Veloz. I, for one, have touted him for years abut becoming the future in Queens, but his bat faded again this year and now we must look to others.

Prospect #1 one falls to Josh Satin, who had a good year in Savannah and got a late season bump to St. Lucie. There’s no one ahead of him and it’s his job to lose. Hector Pellot keeps hanging on but his prospect days are over.

The Mets are high on Alonzo Harris and highly pleased with the debut of Matt Gaski, but it’s Jordany Valdespin that has them scratching their heads. He seems to break more rules than hits, and believe me, the kid can hit. Hopefully, an off-season in the dog house will help straighten his attitude out.

Graduate To Mets: Alex Cora – one of two things will happen to Cora in 2010. Either the Mets will keep him in Queens in a utility role, or he will sign with another team. He had a wonderful season, filling in for the injured Jose Reyes, and should not be back at the AAA level next season.

On The Way Out: Coronado, Alvarez, Green, Bouchard

Current Projected 2010:

Mets: Luis Castillo, Anderson Hernandez

AAA: Argenis Reyes, Luis Rivera

AA: Hector Pellot, Jon Malo

A+: Josh Satin

A: Alonzo Harris, Matt Gaski

Low-A: Jordany Valdespin

K-Port: Wilfredo Tovar

GCL: Yucarybert De La Cruz

In summary:

The addition of Anderson Hernandez takes all the pressure off this position and allowed for the trading of Greg Veloz. Anderson will back up Luis Castillo for the remainder of Castillo’s contact, and by then, Satin, Gaski, or Harris might emerge as completion to the still-young Hernandez.

The real battle here next season is the jam up of Gaski and Harris behind Satin. None are ready for Binghamton, while all are past Brooklyn.


Hobie said...

Saw Valdespin in Brooklyn a few weeks ago—was surprised to see him there after being banished to the DSL. Two ropes for a 2B & IB, a HPB & SAC and a nice play in the field off a pitcher-deflected roller.

Is it a question of WHO (Mgr., coach) needs to get inside this kids head rather than WHERE (level of competition) for this kid to progress in 2010? I seems to have significant talent.

Mack said...

I think ALL of his problems were in Savannah, with management there... I write all this off to youth... the Mets run their camps one step behind Nazi death camps... the kid might have just missed a curfew or two...

Teddy Dziuba said...

Fonzie can definitely have that effect on people so that doesn't surprise me one bit, but he's not a prick just for the sake of being a prick...Valdey probably needed to be brought down a peg as do alot of his fellow DSL alums

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