A Future Look At: CF



Cory Sullivan .290/.352/.367/719


Emmanuel Garcia .246/.305/.320/.625

Kirk Nieuwenhuis .282/.364/.479/.843 17-HR, 73-RBI combined A+/AA


Seth Williams ,266/.363/.360/.723 combined low-A/A+

Sean Ratliff .266/.311/.446/.757 15-HRs, 74-RBI combined A/A+


Rafael Fernandez .254/.302/.338/.640

Joseph August .208/.271/.285/.555 combined low-A/A


Ronald Harris .292/.378/.415/.793 combined KP/low-A

Justin Garber .275/.366/.321/.687 combined KP/low-A

John Servidio .181/.316/.335/651


Pedro Zapata .329/.358/.421/.780

Darrell Cecilliani .234/.313/.310/.623


Javier Rodriquez .230/.285/.338/.623


Eudy Pina .250/.362/.397/.759

Marcus Guillen .202/.354/.279/.633


Breiner Soto .298/.330/.436/.766

Alejandro Lorduy .202/.273/.303/.575

I didn’t include Angel Pagan’s AAA stats here because, frankly, he’s not going to be in the minor leagues next year. Pagan will be the 4th outfielder in Queens, which he has earned this year.

I have included Cory Sullivan’s stats, because, frankly, even though he did very little wrong in Queens, he only got there due to injuries. That alone has earned him the AAA salary for 2010.
A couple of the moves for 2010 were already done just before the end of the 2009 season. Nieuwenhuis was bumped to the B-Mets, while Ratliff replaced him in Lucy. These are easily the top two minor league centerfielders to keep an eye on, especially Nieuwenhuis, who led the Sally League in OPS.

Lots of draft disappointment here… Servidio, August, Cecilliani… and a couple of pleasant surprises… Soto, Zapata, and Harris.

On The Way To Queens: no one

On The Way Out: TBD

Current 2010 Projection:

AAA: open
AA: Nieuwenhuis
A+: Ratliff
A: Harris or Garber
Low-A: Harris or Zapata

In Summary:

The Mets have three decisions to make before the 2010 minor league season starts:

1. Do you invite back Emmanual Garcia after he clears through the Rule 5 and make him your AAA centerfielder, or do you give it back to Cory Sullivan?

2. Who plays in Savannah and Brooklyn… you have three guys that deserve two jobs, and the third winds up back in Kingsport.

3. What do you do with the other six guys that tanked from the GCL level up?


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