The Future Of: Left Field


Jesus Feliciano .311/.348/.382/.730

Jason DuBois .276/.356/.477/.833 17-HR, 62-RBI

Josh Peterson .298/.366/.397/.763 combined AAA/AA

D.J.Wabick .296/.324/.401/.725

A+ Brahiam Maldonado .273/.348/.466/.813 18-HR, 71-RBI

Seth Williams .266/.363/.360/.723 combined A+/low-A

Juan Legares .266/.297/323/620 combined GCL/A

Joseph August .208/271/.285/.555 combined low-A/A

Justin Garber .275/.366/.321/.687 - combined low-A/KPort
Alex Gregory .278/.349/.417/766
Nick Santomauro .241/.368/.441/.809

Scott Grimes .234/.324/.383/.707

John Semel .215/.324/.223/547

Kurt Steinhauer .328/.428/.525/.952 - combined GCL/KPort

Julio Concepcion .306/.354/.356/.710
Thomas De Wolf .254/.432/.290/.722

Joan Decema .186/.205/279/484

Jesus Petit .228/.265/.286/531

Dani Duncan .174/.296..304/.601

Cesar Marquez .097/.167/.167/.333

The outfield continues to produce very few prospects in the Mets organization. The closest they have one in left field would be Steinhauer, who we’ll know a lot more about after another year in the chain. Nick Santomauro signed late and showed some pop in the second half of the Brooklyn schedule, but you would expect someone named Santomauro to do good in Brooklyn. Maldonado continues to put together and after-all star rally to secure a position in the organization the next year. Frankly, there’s no one ahead of him in the way. The power is there, but very little else. Lastly, it will be interesting who plays left in Buffalo next year. It should be Peterson’s turn, but Feliciano was the POY in 2009.

On The Way To Queens:
CF Fernando Martinez will switch to LF at CitiField

On The Way Out:
Legares, DuBoise
2010 Current Projection:

AAA: open
AA: Maldonado
A+: Steinhauer
A: Gregory
Low-A: Concepcion

Mets wise, right now F-Mart, Nick Evans, and Cory Sullivan are on paper here. I still feel the Mets will sign a FA outfielder to play here, and keep Frency in right. Etiehr way, left field will be taken care of for the next three years, so there’s little pressure to develop someone here. I would keep an eye on Steinhauer next season. He should start in Lucy and could easily end the season in Binghamton.


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