Draft Report – Roman Quinn, Julius Gains, Curt Britt, Nick Burdi, Cody Hanke, Travis Jankowski

The Mack Draft Report – 10-26-10:

In WWBA news, Diamond Scape Baseball tweets… Roman Quinn (of/ss, port st joe (fla.)) 4.06 to 1st from right side… Derek Fisher (of, cedar crest hs (penn.) long homerun to rf pull… Julius Gaines (ss, luella hs (ga.) w/hard contact through left side and to r/cf… Rookie Davis (rhp/1b, dixon hs (n.c.)) 1 IP in relief for the save against Tex Scout Yankees. 88-92 fb, mid-70s breaker. Induced 2 GB, 1 so… Big rhp Curt Britt (scotland (n.c.) 89-91/2 with some life. Mid-70s curve inconsistent but at best w/good depth. 82 CH with decent arm act.

I have very little on Quinn, who hasn’t been named to any of the mock drafts this season… small frame… 5-9… speedster… good outfield tools… Fisher has been hitting with wood in the batting cages since he was 12 years old… I’ve got Fisher as the 40th top outfielder in the 2011 draft… right now I have Gaines as the 28th shortstop in the draft… he’s light on his feet, very soft hands, and only an average arm… everybody seems to be getting on the Rookie train… right now, I have him as the 23rd RHP in the draft, which is a late 2nd round pick… Britt is a 2012 prospect who may wind up being the top pitcher in the draft…
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More WWBA tweeting from Perfect Game:

Nick Burdi up to 96 mph in his first inning for the Rangers Midwest Scout Team…

Last game of the day East Cobb Astros vs Palm Beach PAL. John Magliozzi up to 92 mph for East Cobb and Kyle Smith up to 93 mph for PAL… 2010 WWBA World Chapionship is underway. Jose Fernandez up to 95 mph early on!

Burdi is getting more popular every day as the mock draft season heats up. He impressed everyone at the TOS games, was the MVP for the National team, and is now wowing them at the WWBA. Draft Site has him as the 34th pick overall… Magliozzi may not be the biggest guy on the mound, but he has plenty to throw. His repertoire includes a 91-94 fastball, a plus 80-81 change-up, and an adequate slider…I currently have him as the 28th top RHP coming into the draft which would guarantee him being drafted in the first three rounds…  Smith comes in as my 36th top RHP available come June. Small frame, excellent arm-action, low-90’s, out-oitch is his breaking ball… we’ve talked about Fernandez recently… yes, he’s a power pitcher, but don’t forget that he’s a hell of a hitter also.

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 I caught up with an old friend of mine, “XMLBScout” from the old PK boards. ”X”, who chooses to remain nameless, has forgotton more about scouting then some of the kids reporting out there now and can be found on his own draft blog… http://xmlbscout.angelfire.com/ . Check it out.

One of XMLBScout’s recent “heads up” was calling out 6-4 LHP Cody Hanke, out of Marathon High School, in Wisconsin. Throws a high ¾ angle, with an 89-90 fastball.Also plays first base.

Hanke finished the 2010 season for Marathon High School at 9-0, and a ridiculous 0.14 ERA. He also struck out 76 in 51-IP. Add to that the fact that he was one of the best bats on the team, and he starred for the football team, and I’m sure this kid will have no trouble finding himself a decent agent… err… I mean, consultant.

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PerfectGameUSA tweeted: - Jose Fernandez up to 97 mph in the first round of the playoffs for FTB Mizuno/Cardinals Scout Team!

Didn’t we just write about this kid? What we didn’t you was, back in 2008, he fled Cuba at midnight in a speedboat with his mother and sister.The boat eventually overturned in the rough seas and Jose’s mother was separated from her family in the water. Fernandez saved his Mom, who couldn’t swim, got her back in the boat, and the rest, as they say, is history. Boy, is this a perfect candidate for that ESPN magazine show or Brian Gum-ball (yeah, I know I spelled it that way…).

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CSB  tweeted that Stoney Brook sophomore outfielder Travis Jankowski has been one of the top performers this summer and, frankly, I don’t have anything on him, nor do I know which draft he is eligible for. Seems he maxed out in the KIT league, going .484/.641/.607 in 128-Abs.

If any of you have any scouting info on him, please forward it on…


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