Utility Philosophies and Online Media

Hobie said...

But, let's not forget that, if you keep Chris Carter on the team, you don't need Evans.

Obviously both could be trade bait, but since trades are impossible to predict, I’ll ignore that possibility for the sake of argument and claim both will be your primary PH asset (R&L). We have 2 CF in the outfield + Bay—a flexible arrangement for an R&R day here and there.

Tejada may well win the 2B job in ST hands down, but if he doesn’t, I’d rather see him play SS every day at Buff during Jose’s walk year than as a back-up MINF in Queens. That could very well go Turner (Murphy the semi-regular 2B) and someone who can fill in occasionally at SS (Hernandez? Russ Adams!).

Then the Buff infield is: Lutz, Tejada, Satin & Duda.

At Bingo there’s Campbell (you didn’t mention him. Is he headed for the OF?), Valdespin, Havens & Flores (as the non-SS-Wilmer tries to find a position in some corner). Would love Backman at Bingo to see if (1) his persona works with other than first year pros and (2) he can pound some sense into Jordany’s skull.

The rest, as you said. 111 days 'til pitchers & catchers!

Hobie... and this will be the most interesting 111 days for us minor league weeneis.

The last time this happened was when Omar came in and most of us that are now online were only posting at NYFS arguing with people named Metsiac and Vegas Nipplerod.

There really is no reason to speculate until the new team arrives, though I think even I'm safe if I predict that Sandy Alderson will be the General Manager. No sources. Just me...

Any new philosophies won't begin to surface until the manager arrives, and if there are any changes in scouting or the direction of the minor league teams. I don't think there will be any in 2011, if for no other reason than there isn't time to get everything changes.

I would like to see two immediate changes.

1.  A little more respect for the online Mets community. The Mets currently do not recognize blogs or bloggers as legitimate press, which surprises me in the year 2011. I have had the pleasure of having credentials for the past three spring trainings because I was a beat reporter for Morris New Service and covered the Savannah Sand Gnats. Matt Cerrone and the guys over at SNY get credentials, but they are blessed with an SNY connection, and should be allowed at spring training, but so should some other hard working individuals that, in my opinion, respect the team , both publically and in "print", more than most of the "beat reporter" community.

Trust me, I have read much worse in the NYC rags than has been on respectible sites like Metsmerized, Mets Fever, and, my favorite, Metstrodamus.

2. I'd like to see a re-definition of what a Mets utility player should be. I think that Omar's philosophy that subs should possess the ability to play multiple positions has cost the Mets victories.  I like the days when the Mets had a professional pinch hitter (the AL now calls him a DH). Put Rusty Staub on this team during his pinch hitting prime and that's worth three more victories.

In my book, Lucas Duda has this potential.  Mike Hessman almost does. Nick Evans doesn't and Chris Carter should have but didn't.

Also, my primary sub outfielder shouldn't also have the ability to play both third base and first. He should be able to play all three outfield positions. The Mets have this kind of player. His name is Angel Pagan, but he's a starter instead.

If you want to make me happy... go out and sign Carl Crawford, make Pagan the 4th outfielder, and replace Carter with Duda as the LH pinch hitter. Nothing against "S's" (that's his real nickname, not the Animal...), but he's going to have to earn his way on my team filling a different slot.


Hobie said...

“1. A little more respect for the online Mets community.”
Amen to that. There’s such a range of talent though—from you & say, Mike McGann at one end of the spectrum to pure garbage on the other—it’s difficult to imagine what the vetting process would be (for credentials). You report & opine, many just whine & opine.

“2…. I think that Omar's philosophy that subs should possess the ability to play multiple positions has cost the Mets victories.”
I agree that an insufficient bench has caused the Mets victories, but I attribute that more to talent-level than philosophy. A pure DH is not that great an asset in the NL, while flexibility in the double-switch gambit is.

IF 2 or more of my regular OF could be competent in CF, I would want two offensive “corner guys” (preferably one B/L one B/R) on my bench, a defensive MINF, catcher & an “other.” If I have only 1 competent CF in my starting OF, then yes, an all-pos 4th OF is a necessity—and Angel fits that bill better than, say, Endy. 5 Craig Biggio’s would make a nice bench too.

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