The Mack Report: - Pedro, Carr, Lupo, A-Rod, Valdez, Wilmer

The Mack Report – 10-30-10

Per Elias, free agent rankingsType A: - no Mets  -  Type B - Pedro Feliciano -- 66.855

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 P Nick Carr is now up to 8.0-IP in the AFL with stats of: 0-1, 4.50, 1.50, 5-G, 4-ER, 3-K, 4-BB.

I don’t have Carr high on my list but the Mets don’t want to give up on him too early. He’s had multiple injury problems and he continues to be wild, but the kid can sit at 96 which is all the reason in the world to not give up on him. Pitched in 16 games for Lucy last year, and struck out 26 in 23.1-IP, but also dished up 16-BB.

Nick will turn 24 in April and should move on to Binghamton. Very few Mets relief pitchers have tools like this kid. We’ll keep an eye on him this winter and report back on him before spring training.

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16-year old corner OF prospect, Vincente Lupo, has been elevated on “The Keepers” list from #112 to #81.
 The 5-11, 180 pound Lupo played in the World Youth Champioship in Taiwan and developed into one of the top bats in Venezuela. He has plus-plus raw power with good bat speed. Much more impressive in batting cage than in-game.

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Mike Newman of http://scoutingthesally.com/  had a great video of prime prospect, 3B Aderlin Rodriquez, playing at the end of last season for Savannah:

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P Raul Valdez struck out eight batters in the 5.1 innings he pitched Thursday in the DWL. That’s now 7.1-IP, 0-R, 10-K, 0-BB, 0.00, 0.68. Now, you simply not going to get more out of a pitcher than that.

You never hear anyone mention Valdez’ name in the 2011 future of the Mets. He’s 33-years old and posted a 4.91 ERA, in 38-games, in 2010, but you always give a lefty a little more time, don’t you.

None of us in pundit-land have any idea how the new administration is going to evaluate the current roster. I would think that the best thing a marginal player can do right now is to star in winter ball. We’ll keep an eye on Valdez.
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Minor League Ball is one of the top minor league experts in the business and his pre-2011 top 20 Mets prospect list hit the internet on October 29th. I’m going to feature one of his picks each day for 20 days and add my thoughts as well.

Michael G. Baron
  New York Mets Top 20 for 2011- 1) Wilmer Flores, SS, Grade B+: He's coming around with the bat. How fast will the new regime push him, and what position will he play long-term?

I have no problem with pick and agree he’s a B+. I also agree that the Mets currently have no “A” prospect. To me, Flores, Jenrry Mejia, Reese Havens, and Matt Harvey are all B+ and there is very little difference between the four’s talent level. Yes, there are injury issues, but that doesn’t come into play in my grading. Grading should be on talent, tools, and celing.

We’ve mentioned this a number of times… Flores is a Met man without a position. I still feel he would be best suited in a package deal for a new starter.


Hobie said...

“Grading should be on talent, tools, and ceiling.—Mack”

Thanks for that. I’ve always wondered what exactly were the criteria for these rankings. And I assume that the goal is to list prospects in some order that reflects back on their mlb productivity decades hence—a future hindsight if you will. So two questions:

What differentiates tools from talent? Ceiling from talent? Does tools define ceiling and talent the probability that you get that ceiling with those tools? That was one question. :-)

Could you illustrate how your TTC grades are used (independently or collectively) to place, say, J-Rodriguez over Nieuwenhuis over Cecilliani on your list? Pick any other example you think might better (more easily) illustrate the process.


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