Cutnpaste: - Jon Daniels, Mike Scott, Kyle Allen, Greinke Goes on Block, and Dates Balls By Smell


Jon Daniels:

Before making any final decisions, the Wilpons should wait to talk to Jon Daniels, the current Texas Rangers GM. He’s only 33 years old and has been GM of the Rangers since 2005. Oh and by the way, he grew up in Queens as a Mets fan.

I’m not saying the Mets should hire him. But Daniels has an out clause in his contract if the Rangers are sold, which they were this season. So he can bail out on the Rangers at the end of the Rangers playoff run. - metsreport.  

Mike Scott:

Kids, you probably haven’t heard of Mike Scott. For the 1986 Mets, game 6 of the World Series hogs all the attention, but there was another Game 6. Mike Scott had been a scrub pitcher on the crappy early 80′s Mets, but in the 86 NLCS when the playoffs were playoffs (no fugazi wild card or NLDS crap) Mike Scott was in the Astros dugout as a better Cliff Lee than Cliff Lee will ever be.

Scott was dominant, and was in the Mets’ heads. Was he cheating? Scuffing balls? The Mets couldn’t stop thinking about him. There they were in Game 6, with Scott scheduled for game 7. Every Mets fan knew that 108 wins be damned, no way they were winning game 7 against that guy. - metspolice.  

Wally Murphy
 Kyle Allen:

10-18-10 from: - metsminorleagueblog.  - I haven’t seen Allen myself, but in asking about him it appears he lacks a little in the stuff department, but also is missing a feel for pitching that would help him a long. One player development staffer within the organization did say “there’s potential there, but we’re going to have to make some adjustments.” Typically, this means delivery issues and a lack of secondary stuff. One option that was shot down was a future in the bullpen. An NL scout said “I doubt (his stuff) plays up much in relief.”

Greinke Goes on Block:

Zack Greinke leaves little doubt that he won’t sign a new deal if the club remains uncompetitive and has been openly skeptical that a much-touted wave of prospects can turn the Royals into a contender before his current contract expires. “Very rarely do guys come straight into the big leagues and make an impact,” Greinke said. “So the problem is that it’s not like as soon as they get here that it’s going to be instant (success).” That forces the Royals to weigh the likelihood of retaining Greinke, who turns 27 on Thursday, against the available return through a trade or via free-agent compensation. “I don’t know when the right time is,” Moore said. “Is there a right time this winter? I guess there could be if you get the right deal. Is the right time in July 2011? I don’t know. “Is the right time in the offseason after 2011? Or is it at the trade deadline in 2012 if there’s nothing in place?” Another factor: Greinke’s contract contains a partial no-trade clause, which permits him to block a trade to specific clubs without his approval. Such clauses typically allow a player to specify eight to 10 clubs. Greinke must notify the Royals of his list after the World Series. – KC Star - benmaller  

 Dates Balls By Smell:

Brian Wilson, the dude who closes for the San Francisco Giants, looks absolutely crazy. There are the Mohawk; the lumberjack-style, black-dyed beard and the tattoos. Put him in street clothes, and he might wear black leather pants as he did upon arriving in Philadelphia before the start of the National League Championship Series vs. the Phillies. Or he could go with the wild, checkered sports jacket or the lemon-yellow suit or the black shirt, shorts and knee-high socks with bright orange shoes. Wilson also acts absolutely crazy. … Once at spring training he decided it was time to get a new truck, former Class AA pitching coach Bob Stanley recalls, so he left his old one on the side of a highway in Phoenix, took off the license plates and headed off to a car dealer. Many closers save baseballs from the games they have saved, but Wilson keeps the balls from every time he has warmed up in the bullpen this year. “I’ve got about 300 baseballs in my locker,” Wilson says. “I don’t date them. I just go by smell.” - link  


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