Cutnpaste: - Sandy on Taka, Jefry Marte, Jose Guillen, Farm System, and A-Rod


Hisanori Takahashi
 Sandy on Taka:

We're looking at it," Alderson said. "Takahashi did a good job at the back end at the end of the season, did a nice job out of the pen. Talk about flexibility, and here's a guy that can -- maybe not as effectively -- but can start, can relieve. There's a lot of value in that. We're going to look at it hard. On the other hand, we have to make a judgment about what we think he's worth. The problem is that if we don't do something relatively soon then we're out of the mix permanently. But he knows that, too. So we'll see. I think Arn Tellem is representing him now. I've known Arn a long time, and we'll talk to him and see where we are."


Jefry Marte:

10-28-10 from: - scoutingthesally.  - Jefry Marte - I’ll be the first to admit I may have seen too much mediocre baseball from Marte at this point to fairly assess what his ceiling truly is. However, it was impossible not to notice his .354/.384/.585 July during which the light bulb just seemed to turn on for him on both offense and defense. Confidence can be a funny thing with young prospects and Marte is no exception. Unfortunately, an injury ended his season prematurely before I was able to get an extended look at Mr. Hyde instead of the 60-80 games Dr. Jekyl I witnessed in 2009 and 2010.

Jose Guillen:

The New York Times reports on why Jose Guillen was kept off the Giants post-season roster.

Jose Guillen, the San Francisco Giants outfielder, was kept off the team’s postseason roster shortly after federal authorities informed Major League Baseball that he was tied to an investigation into shipments of performance-enhancing drugs, according to several lawyers briefed on the matter.

HGH was shipped to Guillen’s wife according to the story. San Francisco seems to be doing just fine without him as they are up 2-0 in the World Series.


Farm System:

I think the Mets system this year has had as many bats with age appropriate numbers as any system out there. If I do a purely statistical analysis, using data from baseball-reference, using runs created per game (using OBP x SLG x 33.5), park and league adjusted (easy enough since I’m using “runs”), the Mets end up near the top in what I consider guys with age appropriate numbers. The thing is there aren’t a lot of future stars there, it’s more guys who look like they have a chance to be solid regulars. But there is more depth then there has been there for awhile. The Mets seem to have been emphasizing the hit tool, and drafting and signing a lot of guys with enough tools for positions like 3B and RF. Especially in their international program, they aren’t signing the toolsiest star potential guys, but seem to be finding guys with solid tools and some hitting ability.


Aderlin Rodriguez:

10-28-10 from: - scoutingthesally.  - - The third eighteen year old, and second Mets prospect on this list, Rodriguez is a physical presence with a better approach than the vast majority of Latin American players his age. Add to this some athleticism and impressive power, what’s left is a high ceiling bat that projects well at either corner. He’s likely to move off of the position at some point, but his floor is higher than both Marte and Salcedo leaving him entrenched in the three-hole. However, there’s admittedly a pretty steep drop off after the top two.


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