Cutnpaste: - Craig Swan, Dave Kingman, Jose on Contract, and Rick Reed

Craig Swan:

Swan broke into the majors with the Mets, first as a rookie in 1973. He made he made his debut with the Mets, pitching in three games. He would make brief appearances with the Metsin ’74 and ’75, but in 1976, Swan made the team as a fifthstarter. He posted a record of 6-9 with a ERA of 3.54 ERA . His first victory of the season when he pitched a five-hit complete game shutout in which he recorded 11 strikeouts - realdirtymets  

Dave Kingman:

Kingman only played 2 1/2 years for the Mets in his first tour of duty in Flushing, but it seemed longer … and yet, at the same time, it didn’t seem long enough. But that’s the way it was with the moody, reserved, surly, sometimes blatantly nasty Kingman. His persona and his on-field performance were similarly rollercoaster-like. We loved him, we hated him, we loved to hate him, we hated to love him. But he was ours, and he gave the Mets a bit of personality — yet ironically, he had no personality. -


Jose on Contract:

“I don’t want to talk about any contract during the season,” Reyes said, “because I want to be focused trying to help this team win a lot of ball games. So I don’t want to hear about anything like that. I just want to play baseball for now.” - nj.com/  

Jose on Mets:

"The Mets are the team who gave me the opportunity to play professional baseball and gave me the opportunity to play here in the big leagues," Reyes said. "My family is here. They're comfortable. I've got my daughter here going to school. I don't want to be somewhere else. But, at the same time, I understand this is a business and everybody never knows what's going to happen. I just want to perform on the field and see what happens after." - .espn.  

Rick Reed:

One of the better “scrapheap” pickups in team history. Went 59-36 from 1997 to 2001. Didn’t have overpowering stuff, but great location. I was at two June of ’98 starts where he nearly threw no hitters. Pitched well in a huge game against the Pirates the last weekend of 1999 as well. Could always be counted on for a quality start, and the record proves it. - NYBD  


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