Q&A - Are The Mets Moving Into The Top Third of Teams?

Aaron asked:

Great, first time commenter, but longtime fan of the blog. I also think this is going to be a very interesting spring training, between all the changes/competitions for the bench, 2B, and the bullpen, as I expect the rotation is set.
And will this be the year the Mets system moves clearly into the top 1/2 or, dare I say it, 1/3?

Mack:  Wow, now there's a loaded question.

Look, I'll answer this to the best of my ability and knowledge, knowing anything can go wrong. Minor leaguers can still be projected. Major leaguers can't, unless you're Sammy Sosa or Barry Bonds...  you get the drift.

Currently, the Mets have six great players...  David Wright, Jose Reyes, Carlos Beltran, Jason Bay, Johan Santana, and Francisco Rodriquez.

The Mets also have two very very good players that have put together multiple successful seasons at the major league level, Mike Pelfrey and Angel Pagan.

Next, the Mets have five players that show promise at the major league level... Ike Davis, R.A. Dickey, Bobby Parnell, Jon Niese, and Josh Thole.

Lastly, the Mets have seven players that have showed exceptional ability at the AAA/AA upper levels of the minor league system...    Reese Havens, Fernando Martinez, Wilmer Flores, Ruben Tejada, Kirk Nieuwenhuis, Lucas Duda, and Jenrry Mejia.

That's 20 players that, in a perfect world, with everyone healthy, signed, and at the top of their ability woud look like:

1B:  Ike Davis, Lucas Duda
2B:  Reese Havens
SS:  Jose Reyes, Ruben Tejada
3B:  David Wright, Wilmer Flores
C: Josh Thole
OF: Carlos Beltran, Jason Bay, Angel Pagan, Fernando Martinez, Kirk Nieuwenhuis
SP:  Johan Santana, Mike Pelfrey, Jon Niese, Jenrry Mejia, R.A. Dickey
RP:  Francisco Rodriquez, Bobby Parnell

Is this a team that can win the World Series?

Before you answer this (because I'm not going to...), what happens if Beltran, K-Rod, and Reyes are not re-signed?

Remember... the Omar years were highlighted by lack of depth, poor drafting, aging players, and injuries. It's going to take time.


Guz said...

It will certainly take time but the current Mets' front office knows how to build a farm system. Both Toronto and San Diego are making strong runs toward play-off spots with a huge youth movement, spurned mostly by high quality young pitching. Now, outside of Mejia and maybe Pelfrey, this is what the Mets lack. I see this upcoming draft being filled with many pitching options, and come next off-season, the Mets will become players for every free agent on the market. A move for an Albert Pujols-type player, while continuing to develop from within could get the Mets back to relevance sooner rather than later. "Moneyball with money" is going to be a very exciting era. Let's go Mets!


Mack Ade said...

I agree 1000% with you.

The Mets will get 4 picks out of the top 100 this year... and could get 4 supplimental picks if they pass on Reyes and Beltran.

This could be a completely different team in 2014.

Aaron said...

Isn't there something screwy in Beltran's contract regarding arbitration post-2011 season?


So no pick for him, no matter what. Makes it all the more tempting to trade him before the deadline if he's having a good season and the Mets are out of contention.

Mack Ade said...

hmmm... I didn't realize that

good catch

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