Gammons says "Young gets a clean bill of health" - AMEN!!

By David Rubin

On MLB's "Hot Stove Live" a few minutes ago, Peter Gammons reported that the Mets received a positive bill of health on SP5 Chris Young, and his signing will be official soon. Gammons also seems to be far more positive towards the Mets then most writers/bloggers/announcers have been lately, and that's a great thing to hear. He's quick to remind everyone, as we've been saying for quite some time, that if healthy, the Mets line-up could be very, very potent, at least 1-6!! Nice to hear something POSITIVE for a change!!

Also, according to Mike Silva, over at Mike Silva's NY Baseball Digest the Mets are about to sign former Astros reliever Tim Byrdak, apparently the lefty reliever manager Terry Collins' has referenced lately. Another good pick-up, if it indeed is finalized, and another "interesting" name to get used to spelling!!


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