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It goes back to being a Mets fan in the late 1970s to early 1980s — a dark, ugly time for the franchise (particularly after they traded The Franchise). The team was bad. The future looked bleak. The original owners sold the club to a book publisher and a real estate magnate, but it was hard to see how that was going to help. Despite the incessant commercials produced by the high-priced, well-intentioned ad agency, the “magic” most certainly was NOT back. The situation seemed hopeless — until June 1980, when the team made Darryl Strawberry the #1 pick in the amateur draft.-

Yanks Open At Shea:

Collapsed beam forces Yankees to play home game at Shea: On April 15, 1998, the Yankees played one home game against the Anaheim Angels at Shea Stadium, home of the New York Mets. The team was forced out of their stadium because a beam collapsed at Yankee Stadium two days before, destroying several seats. The Mets had a home game that same night against the Chicago Cubs. The Yankees used the visitor’s locker room and dugout and the Angels used the home dugout and the old locker room of the New York Jets - .prorumors  

Fred on 2011:

"When you look through all of it, our payroll is approaching $150 million, it's not at $48 million," said Wilpon, who may have overestimated the payroll by about $10 million. "It's a high payroll. It's true, some people have not produced in the past and we're still carrying it and maybe we won't carry it. Every time I do expectations, you guys kill me," Wilpon said to the press. "I think we have a good team. And I think we have a much better team than you all and the public give us credit for. It remains to be seen, though." - nypost.  

Fred on Omar:

"Psychologically, emotionally, he's got a lot invested here [with] the position he had over all of those years," said Alderson. "Coming back and interacting with many of the same people in a different capacity is a change. I think anybody would need some time [to] adjust to that. I don't think you should read into anything that's happened so far. I think this is just what happens when there's a transition, and I think you've got to give people some space to figure out what they want to do." -



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