I May Be Wrong But…

1. Some of Terry Collins’ remarks about prospects on Wednesday were interesting. Seems he doesn’t intend on including many of them in the Mets spring training roster. This has usually been the time that 8-10 kids are rewarded with a locker near the entrance of the clubhouse and serve as a press buffer because it’s the same place where the press gather every morning. Statements like this just strengthen the beliefs that the 2011 Mets are now on paper and that’s the team they plan on going with come March 1st.

2. SP Tobi Stoner and OF Jason Pridie were DFA’d off of the 40-man squad. Normally, I would say when either of them cleared waivers they will be reinstated in Buffalo, but I don’t expect either of these two to come back. Maybe Stoner, but there are too many outfielders already trying to win a job with the Bisons. I wish both of them good luck in the future.

3. Bob Melvin has told Adam Rubin that he has not been contacted by anyone in the Mets front office this year and he will not be returning as a Mets scout. Why do classy people sometimes do classless things? Amazing.

4. I told Matt Cerrone tonight that I’m running out of material. We really do need this season to start.

5. Is it my imagination or is a decent percentage of the 2011 Mets that will report in March sort of becoming unrecognizable? Picture day is going to be very confusing. A lot of people are going to be first staring at the back of the uniform of all these newbies before they ask them to pose for a picture. (editor's note: there is no confimation that the San Diego Chicken will be replacing Mr. Met this season)

6. We’re joined with another new writer here at Mack’s Mets… one of the site’s most loyal readers, “Hobie”. No one has a better knowledge of this team than him and I look forward to his insight throughout the season. Who knows… maybe we can convince him to change his name someday to his real one when they take the bracelet off… lol .

7. Third baseman Zach Lutz was quietly added to the 40-man squad. Smart move. I think you just saw the chosen one to replace David Wright, if he gets injured, get chosen. Game day replacement would be Daniel Murphy and expect Nick Evans to be DFA’d before opening day.

8. I’ve been asked by Gotham Magazine to write a top 10 prospect list for their annual and I have made a few changes. Both Jeurys Familia and Brad Holt have been returned to the top 10 based on their tools and the fact that they will get a clean slate with the new management team.

9. I’m also thrilled to death to announce that David Rubin will be representing Mack’s Mets at spring training in March. The Mets have issed him a field pass and there’s no one on earth who could represent me better in this task. Watch out for this guy, folks… we all may be working for him some day.

10. I’ll have some separate posted later on this week on the new guys signed recently.


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