I May Be Wrong But…

1. Word from the last Mets’ mini-camp was the fact that 2B Reese Havens was 100% cleared by the doctors and he was off and running with the rest who attended. This is absolutely great news.

2. Terry Collins’ decision to play Ruben Tejada exclusively at shortstop is a very good idea. Collins also added third baseman Zach Lutz to the 40-man, so it looks like the new Mets skipper is lining up the emergency squad in case one of his two infield stars go down with an injury.

Mack Ade
 3. Dillon Gee is too valuable to be moved to the Mets pen in 2011. I am sure he is going to get an equal chance in ST to make the Queens rotation; however, he still has options and has proven his ability to hold down the fort. There’s still an opening in the Buffalo rotation and I think both the team and Gee would be best served with him heading up the Bisons rotation come opening day.

4. One of my loyal readers reminded me that one of the clauses in the current contract for Carlos Beltran is the fact that the Mets have agreed to not offer arbitration after the 2011 season. Explain to me again why the Mets shouldn’t trade him before the deadline?

5. I returned to reading some of the other blogs out there and I have to say that both Toby Hyde and Eric Simon do the best job out there keeping all of you informed about the Mets’ minor league kids. I can’t tell you how many times readers have thanked guys like us for making them knowledgeable about who is in the system and who’s next to go to Queens.

6. Is it my imagination or is manager Terry Collins simply talking too much about how he’s going to manage things in 2011? I fully understand the PR push, but, now that it’s getting close to pitchers and catchers reporting, shouldn’t he be spending more time with the players and less with the reporters?

7. Brad O’Neill from http://www.deepleagues.com/  emailed me about Brad Emaus: - “ I’ll give you an interesting sleeper name from the Mets’ system: have you read much about Brad Emaus (the Rule 5 pick)? Just looking at his stats, there are tons of really intriguing stuff about this kid (good OBP, more BB’s/K’s, major league equivalency #’s, stolen base percentage indicating he’s faster, etc). I got some feedback from somebody who listed Emaus as a sleeper, and when I read his #’s, I was pretty sold the Mets made a smart pick. I think he could be a surprise competitor for the second base job.”

8. Newly named pitching coach for Binghamton, Marc Valdez, has his hands full. By my count, the 2011 roster will have seven (Jeurys Familia, Brad Holt, Robert Carson, Chris Schwinden, Mark Cohoon, Eric Beaulac, and Brandon Moore) starters.   Familia, Holt, and Carson are internally considered prospects, and the other four have earned a shot at the AA level. There also is no room at St. Luice for any of them becase they have their own overcrowded rotational problems with a projected six pitchers there… Matt Harvey, Yohan Almonte, Kyle Allen, James Fuller, Armondo Rodriquez, and Collin McHugh.

9. I expected a much better showing at the Mets spring training facilities today than showed up. It was well promoted that manager Collins would be there beginning today and word was going around last month that there was going to be a killer showing from the get-go. Well, it just didn't happen. Thre were only a handfull of players on day one and, hopefully, there will be more tomorrow.

10. Both pitchers Scott Moviel and Brad Holt took part in today's workout and both reported 100% cleared.


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