The Keepers: - #19 - SS - Wilfredo Tovar

19. Wilfredo Tovar:

Tovar was signed as a heralded international prospect and began him professional career with the 2008 VSL Mets (.203/.269/.301/.570).

He returned to the VSL Mets in 2009 (.289/.364/.421/.785), but finished the season with the GCL Mets (.243 in 148-AB).

Tovar was in extended camp for the beginning of the 2010 season, waiting for the half-season teams to begin, when injuries at St. Lucie created an early rise to the A+ level. He held his own (.246/.276/.305/.582 in 118-AB), especially since he was playing at two levels above where he should be at this point in his career.

5-24-10 - Stock Up: Looks like the mets might have found another 19-year old Latin shortstop to brag about. Wilfredo Tovar comes out of the DSL system and really didn’t do anything that special last season for the GCL Mets (.243/.294/.318/.611). For some reason, he was called upon this month to go to St. Lucie and start in place of Reese Havens (moved to 2B) and Luis Nieve (DL). So far, this sure is working: .400/.419/.500/.919. Yes, it’s only 30-Abs but it’s worth noting at this point in the season.

7-16-10 from: - http://www.amazinavenue.com/2010/7/16/1572497/mets-farm-system-mid-term-review  - The Mets had Tovar up at St. Lucie to start the season, a very aggressive promotion for someone who hit .243 in the GCL in 2009. And he hit about as well as you would expect, batting .246 with no patience or power. Tovar's principal skill is as a fielder, so it came as a surprise when he showed up in Savannah and suddenly started to hit, batting .338 over his first twenty games. There is a qualification, however. It's still unclear whether this is just a hot streak or whether his bat speed has caught up to better pitching, but any improvement is something. And best of all his age: he won't turn 19 until August 11. I wouldn't get too excited yet, especially since all he's really doing is hitting singles, but keep your eyes peeled.

9-1-10 from: - http://www.brooklynpaper.com/stories/33/36/cyc_barnstorming_2010_09_03_bk.html  The Cyclones’ dreams of postseason glory depend largely on their new shortstop Wilfredo Tovar, a 19-year-old Venezuelan with preternatural fielding skills — and a whole lot to learn at the plate. Tovar, the replacement for the injured Rylan Sandoval, who went down with a broken wrist in the midst of an MVP–style season — has thus far filled in serviceably for the Clones former leadoff man. But manager Wally Backman isn’t nervous about his new player — in fact, he couldn’t be happier that Tovar is on the team, especially considering he was lobbying for the youngster to be on the roster at the beginning of the season, when he ended up on Class A Savannah in the Sallie League. “Tovar makes plays at shortstop that a human being shouldn’t be able to make,” said Backman. “He’s the best shortstop in this league, no question.”

11-24-10 from: - http://www.metsgeek.com/showthread.php?658-Mets-Top-Twenty-Prospects&p=187156  - 18. Wilfredo Tovar. The Single greatest tool of any player in the Mets organization is the defensive ability Wilfredo Tovar possesses. He has a quick swing and can drive a ball occasionally despite his short stature. He’ll be 19 to start next season and should start the campaign with Savannah, where he appeared in 44 games last year. Best case scenario is a slick fielding, major league short stop. Worst case scenario sees him bouncing around the minor leagues as a glove you can plug in on any Double A roster.

1-17-11 from: - http://www.amazinavenue.com/2011/1/17/1939161/mets-farm-system-top-5-sleepers  = If you read a lot of my Daily Farm System Reports this past summer you know I'm a fan of Tovar's. If you don't, think of him as the yin to Wilmer Flores' yang. Both are shortstops that call Venezuela home, both reached St. Lucie in 2010 at ridiculously young ages and Tovar is actually 5 days younger than Wilmer, but that's where the similarities end. Tovar is a punch & judy-style hitter who happens to possess a very good -- nay -- extraordinary glove; a glove so good that it projects as major League-plus caliber at short. Wally Backman spoke of superhuman plays when calling him by far the best fielder in the NYPL last season. Thanks to his small stature (5'10", 160), he'll never develop much pop but a .281 AVG with almost as many walks as strikeouts in the Lo-A SAL as an 18-year old is nothing to scoff at. What's more, few prospects his age can boast any one single legitimate plus Major League-caliber tool...especially not in our system. Even if he's just a Rey Ordonez look-a-like that ain't bad considering Rey's multiple solid years in Queens - including a nice 3 WAR season in '99 - especially if the price of admission is league minimum.


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