I May Be Wrong, But…


1. The Mets can’t seem to decide who their minor league pitching coach is supposed to be. Long timer Rick Waits was replaced before the 2011 season and now reports are saying that Rick Tomlin is toast after one season. Well, technically, he was the pitching coach for the Cyclones for two years prior to that, but now he’s history. It also came the same day that Brandon Moore was suspended for a second time for drugs. Coincidence? Word I’ve gotten is he had a hard time doing what he was told to do by the people above him. He also liked to pitch favorites, though I don’t know who they were. I will say this… I found it very strange that pitchers like Kyle Allen, Robert Carson, and Tobi Stoner were still in the rotation in August, after pitching poorly for more than two seasons.

2.Moore’s suspension and Dylan Owen’s Venezuela winter ball assignment sort of cleans up the projected 2012 rotation on opening day for Buffalo. I see it as Chris Schwinden (designated emergency Mets 6th starter), Collin McHugh, Mark Cohoon, Owen, and Pat Misch. Out would be Miquel Batista and  Stoner.

3. I know the season is coming to an end so I should stop bitching, but would someone explain to me why Jason Pridie remained on the Mets roster the entire season? He really can’t hit and his fielding is meh, so why is he there? Didn’t the Mets have somebody else they could have played or signed?

4. There really is no reason to keep pitching Bobby Parnell this season. He obviously i8s having difficulty getting the ball over the plate and, since all the press and fans are down on him, let the guy hang the glove up for the last few games. There’s no problem with his velocity; hell, it might even be getting better. Start over next season.

5. I’m happy that the Mets and Tim Byrdak are working out a one-year extension, making him a part of the 2012 pen. He’s gone 2.89, 46-Ks in 37.1-IP, over 69-G, exactly the kind of numbers you want from a LOOGY. That’s one pen position down and many more to come, but this was a good move. He’ll be paid the same, with encentives, so it doesn’t affect the overall team payroll. Good move.


Phlavio said...

Byrdak and Herrera... on the same team? TWO LEFTIES?!? Madness!

I've been waiting for two good lefties for a while.

Hobie said...

From deep left field: I wouldn't be shocked if there's a 3rd left hander in the 2012 pen...Johann Santana.

Mack said...

what the Mets don't want you to know about Johan is the fatc that he's down to only one plus-pitch

Charles said...

Lets not count Johan out just yet. He was a pitcher, not a rear back and throw type of guy, so a velocity drop while not great, doesnt mean hes toast. I still think he'll be the Mets best starter and Dickey is no fluke. They'll keep this team in games...Also, as far as Pridie is concerned, I was shocked when they originally called him up instead of F-Mart. Then when F-Mart was called up a few weeks later, they still preferred to use Pridie. And shockingly, they demoted F Mart and kept Jason on the roster all year! I'm sorry, but to keep a player of his caliber on the team all year says many things about not only your team, but your minor league system aswell. Pretty bad depth there

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