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Michael Scannell to me:

I was wondering, if you thought if the Mets were to trade David Wright if it would be impossible to re-sign him after this year.  I'm not advocating it one way or the other, just thinking out loud.  I know that Sandy traded Rickey Henderson for Steve Karsay only to bring him back soon after as a FA, so it's in his MO.  For instance, it's been reported that the Rockies would have serious interest in Wright if he were on the market.  I also know that the Rockies are looking to trade Huston Street this offseason.  Street might be attractive to the Mets given their closer problems.  I originally thought of it as 2 deals (Wright to Rox for Pomeranz, Arenado, Street to Mets for undetermined players) but then thought maybe a blockbuster might work, something like

Rox get: Wright, +

Mets get: Pomeranz, Arenado, Street

The Mets get another top pitching prospect in Pomeranz, a replacement for Wright in Arenado, and a closer in Street.  Everything I read about Wright (growing up a Mets fan, NYC lifestyle) points to him wanting to play for the Mets.  I can't imagine him wanting to stay in Colorado, a team that probably won't be a serious contender for a few years.  Obviously if Wright waives his 2013 option and hits the market next offseason, the Mets would be taking a huge chance he signs with someone else.  However, if he truly loves playing in NY, I'm wondering if he'd get over spending 2012 ( a 'lost' year for the Mets anyway) in another city and then come back to finish his career with the Mets.  So, do you think being traded would hurt Wright so much that he would never consider returning?

The Mets could wind up with Wright, Pomeranz, and Street.  Arenado is there as insurance in case Wright does not come back.  If Wright does, maybe Arenado could shift to the OF or provide the Mets with another trade chip next offseason.


Hey, Michael.

I love the way your mind works.

The 2011 Mets had four opportunities to sell a quality player to another team and get a return that would help them in the future more than it would be if they kept the original player.

They got it done with Carlos Beltran, failed with Francisco Rodriguez, passed with Jose Reyes, and the last chance they have is David Wright.

IMO, Wright is a combination of Tom Seaver and Chipper Jones. Trading him should be against the State of New York law. To pull this off would take a complete reversal of a miserable situation. You first smack your star in the face with a trade and then you have to woo him back as a free agent.

It doesn’t work. You never come back 100%. Did you ever lose touch with an old friend you had a fight with? Did you miss them enough to contact them and try to put the friendship back together? The first contact is always a positive one, right? But the fact is you have both learned to live without each other. You can’t go back and change the conditions why you separated in the first place.

Add to that the gigunta amount of additional money Wright’s agent would stick up your ass to get him back, and I can’t see it happening.

Again, love the idea, but eh-eh.


Charles said...

Perfect answer, great analogy. David took a big enough slap in the face this year after Fred Coupon slighted him in a widely recognized publication. Despite that, David showed amazing character by publicly brushing it off, and then played for an entire month with a broken back. That was before eventually getting an mri that showed the damage and explained why he had been enduring such discomfort. Yeah, his numbers have suffered since Citifield's inception, but talk about a gamer. He's our Jeter, and to trade him just wouldn't be right or justifiable in any way. What third baseman can take his place and give equal value? Even getting pitching prospects back wouldn't suffice because we already have pitching prospects.

Michael S. said...

Thanks Mack. This was my gut feeling, it was just something I wanted to ask 'just in case' there would be any way to pull it off. Wright is the most valuable trade piece...I just want to eat my cake and have it too as a fan.

I think you're right, the relationship would likely be too damaged. My only hope was that with a situation like Colorado, Wright wouldn't fully 'move on'. If the destination was somewhere like St. Louis (where players seem to fall in love and stay after being traded - Edmonds, Holliday, etc) I wouldn't even attempt it.

Mack said...

You know, guys....

I don't even care if he hits only 10-HRs and bats .250 next year.

He's David Friggin Wright

Michael S. said...

Can't go that far with you Mack. I care if he doesn't hit.

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