I May Be Wrong, But…

1. In my world, Mike Pelfrey has no future on the Mets. If this is true, why would I tender him? Do I really care if he signs elsewhere and gets his act together? He’s not part of my future so why offer him arbitration? Again, in my world, 2012 is going to be another rebuilding year. You’re not going to hear that from Sandy Alderson, but the Mets will not be a pennant contender until the law suits are gone and the young pitchers have arrived. I’d be happy with an opening day rotation of Santana/Young, Niese, Dickey, Gee, Schwinden… and I’d be thrilled if it ended up  Niese, Dickey, Harvey, Mejia, Familia.

2. I see the Mets flew in Brandon Nimmo on Monday and let him have his own press conference. Nimmo said he’s love to play for the Mets right now, but understands he has to go through the minor leagues. Boy, I’m glad we’re not creating a Bryce Harper situation here. Seriously, send the kid home or give him a ticket to Ft. Myers for the Instruction League, but don’t suck his knee caps in CitiField while the rest of your draft picks have to read this shit.

3. Ozzie in South Beach? What a genius idea. I can’t think of anyone that could get those Cubans off their ass and attend a game more than him. How about Ricky Henderson first 3rd base coach.  Let’s throw in Alay Soler for Pitching Coach.  It’s going to interesting to see how the stars on this team react to…  oh yeah, they’re dead last. There are no stars. Keep an eye on this developing situation. There’s definitely going to be some players that aren’t going to want to play for this guy. RHP Javier Vazquez ($7mil), 2B Jose Lopez ($3.6mil), and 3B-1B Greg Dobbs ($600K) are free agents.

4. I see that the 2013 option was picked up for Terry Collins. I’m happy for both him and the team. I have a few friends in the clubhouse, which over years under Jerry and Willie, was not a comfortable place to be. It is now. In fact, the current team would run through a wall for TC. Well, actually, they’d try to and then have a concussion, and then go on the 7-day DL, and then have it extended to 30-days, and…  well, anyway, Collins deserves to see the end result of the rebuilding process which will be over by the end of the 2013 season. Kudos, TC.

5. Mike Silva’s sources say that Dan Warthen will return next season as the Mets pitching coach. I didn’t expect that, but it’s hard to lay all the blame on someone that didn’t draft, sign, or steal the 2011 rotation. What’s important in my world is who becomes the third minor league pitching coach, in the same amount of years. There’s a lot of talent in the pipeline right now and I’d like to see someone like Bobby Ojeda handling these duties. Okay, I’d settle for Frank Viola.


Frank Insjersey said...

Mack, I can't agree more on Pelfrey. Why pick up his option if he's not a viable answer to their long-term questions. I think they are doing it as a stop-gap. Not that it is right or a good move, but that's what I think they are doing it for.
I also agree they shouldn't create a media circus with Nimmo and offend younger players. That makes his road a little harder as teammates along the way with begin to resent him and treat him accordingly.

I have to admit Warthen surprised me too. A team ERA in the middle to latter of the pack does not usually warrant an extension. I suppose they are banking on it being a healthier year in 2012 and blaming injuries for the overall pitching, not Warthen.

Ozzie will find out soon enough that the Marlins need to spend money to contend again because their farm is not deep for the future. Their best prospects are at the MLB level already.

Great article. Thanks for the time to write it.

Charles said...

I believe Bobby O quit as a coach in the Mets minor leagues because the higher ups or whoever had the final say regarding the pitching prospects, kept messing with deliveries and changing their mechanics. I think the final straw was actually when someone changed their former first round pick Aaron Heyman Heilman's delivery from low three quarters, to a more over the top release. Soon after, Bobby got fed up and bolted. Please do not take any of this as fact, I just remember about hearing that somewhere. Perhaps, during a Mets telecast years ago

Michael S. said...

I really enjoyed this one (not that I don't enjoy your others).

If Pelfrey is not in the LT plans, move on now. Why pay him $5 million when you can likely get similar production for cheaper.

As far as the Marlins, I wouldn't say they have 'no' stars. I still think there's a good chance Morrison gets his act together and Stanton is a tremendous power hitter.

I can't believe Warthen is coming back. I don't have a suggestion on a replacement, I just never felt comfortable with him...probably because I never felt Peterson should have been fired.

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