I May Be Wrong, But…

1. Many of us wrestle with the choice of writing negative about the Mets. Iran seems to have the answer:  http://www.washingtonpost.com/world/middle-east/iran-arrests-5-people-for-working-for-bbcs-farsi-language-service/2011/09/19/gIQAlzFJeK_story.html - Iranian state television is reporting that authorities have arrested five people for working for the BBC’s Farsi-language service. Monday’s report on the channel’s website says the group provided the British Broadcasting Corp. with video and negative news reports on Iran. The report did not identify them by their full names. Hmm…
2. Many scouts are reporting to their team that David Wright has “diminished skills”. I agree, but he still is one of the top third basemen in the National League and, IMO, should remain as the face of the team. Yes, Wright has had some defensive lapses lately, but who doesn’t after missing the playoffs, year after year? 2012 will be his contract year and I am sure you will see an “undiminished” David come April.
3. I’m confused with the players sent to Peoria of the Arizona Fall League: P Collin McHugh, P Taylor Whitenton, 3B Jefry Marte, 2B Wilfredo Tovar, and OF Juan Lagares. Isn’t this the fall league where you are suppose to send your best prospects to? Wilfredo Tovar? Reese Havens was removed to work on the machines and build up his lower back and knee muscles. I totally agree on the direction the Mets are taking with Havens and I drool when I think of him actually having more pop next spring.
4. You’re going to read a lot about Sandy Alderson’s conversation during the game Tuesday night on SNY. One of the interesting things he threw out there was that next year’s closer isn’t currently on the team. Thanks Sandy… noting like sending positive vibes out to Jason Isringhausen, Bobby Parnell, and Pedro Beato. What he didn’t say was that the dude wasn’t already in the organization, did he? Johan Santana or an early Jenrry Mejia?
5. My sources tell me that Jordany Valdespin is going to get a shot at second base, if Jose Reyes doesn’t sign with the Mets. Obviously, Ruben Tejada would move over to short and Valdespin might enter spring training is a more progressed position than Reese Havens. Also, nobdy really wants to play Daniel Murphy there and Justin Turner continues to be projected as an all-around utility guy whose first job is to be there if David Wright goes down.


Michael S. said...

Next year is only David's contract year if he's traded. If he stays he has 2 years left.

Phlavio said...

Valdespin also has a shot at second if Reyes stays.

Tejada's bat is not great and Valdespin can actually play pretty solid D.

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