The Top 25: Ike Davis

We all like Ike, It's hard not to like a guy who plays hard and gets results. My dreams of a post-season in 2011 died long before the season was decided. When Ike Davis got hurt, and we KNEW it was bad. I knew that the Mets no longer had enough in the team for a post-season ANYTHING (Beltran or no).

What's To Like?:

POWER - Do you know what Ike Davis was slugging through all of April? (.600) THAT IS INSANE! Now... even in a smaller Citi Field this guy is going to hit a few homers. More importantly he's going to hit a LOT of doubles (Not triples... I've seen him run). Homers and doubles lead to RBIs and that is EXACTLY what I want from a #4 hitter and a first baseman.

DEFENSE - Robbed of a Gold Glove in 2010 (Check the UZR), Davis is among the premier talents field his position. Famous for his tumbling catches into the dugout, Davis' glove would have likely earned the Mets a few extra wins by itself in 2011.

What's Not To Like?:

SPEED - He has none.

INJURY - I don't fault Davis for getting hurt but I fault the Mets for the indecisive nature of dealing with it. The Mets NEED to be more sure about how they deal with players who get hurt. When you don't act decisively... players stay hurt LONGER.

Random and Awesome:

PITCHING - Davis was a pitcher in his past and has said that he would be capable and willing to come in during an extra-inning game. I'm told he can bring some heat (perhaps not as much as Desi Relaford).

The Top 25:
  1. Ike Davis, 1B


Michael S. said...

I have to admit, I wasn't enamored with Davis when he was drafted, but he's made a believer out of me. I really hope he comes back next year and gets a full season to show us what he can do. A healthy and productive (and affordable!) Ike Davis is crucial to the future plans of the Mets.

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