2012 Draft: - RHP Kevin Gausman

1)       RHP       Kevin Gausman

                                Ranked #14 in the 2012 Prospects List compiled by the All-American Athletic Foundation                           http://allamericanfoundation.pointstreaksites.com/view/allamericanfoundation/news/mlb-2012-draft
4-11-11: - http://bullpenbanter.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=408:college-baseball-weekend-08-observations&catid=18:articles&Itemid=11 - Tall, wide shoulders and a big frame; with some but not much projection  Slow delivery with very high leg kick, high 3/4 arm slot  Fastball has significant velocity on a good downward plane and arm side run  Fastball was very effective when running in on RH batters hands, inducing very weak ground balls  The first three fastballs resulted in fly outs, but turned into a ground ball pitch as the game progressed; Gausman also had the ability to blow pitch by the hitter  Hard 12-6 curve ball with late break; got some awkward swings and misses early in the game  Change up has hard downward movement, almost splitter-esque when down in the zone  Change-up in the dirt (with some even bouncing before reaching the plate) fooled hitters often and got ugly swings  Command/control needs work, but he wasn't wild; misses were good misses (below the zone)  Seemed like he was trying to hit the edge of the zone in most instances, leading to most of the balls; got more aggressive within the strike zone later in the game  Quick feet and good pick off move  Stuff held up very well deep into the game 

5-9-11: - http://bullpenbanter.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=417:college-baseball-weekend-12-observations&catid=18:articles&Itemid=11 - Tall with a tightly wound torso, some shoulder development, thin thighs and long, thin arms; room to add muscle

Fairly low effort delivery with a high leg kick and high 3/4 armslot

Very big fastball with good downward plane and late arm side run; 95 in the first, 95 in the second, 95 in the sixth & 97 in the seventh (via announcer)

Fastball continued to show good velocity and movement late into the outing

Hitters seemed geared up for the fastball and made more contact with the pitch than you'd expect; induced many ground balls; did occasionally blow the pitch by a hitter

Change-up has hard downward movement that mimics a splitter when thrown down out of the zone; good late action

Change-up shows excellent action at times; when thrown in the zone it has arm side fade and drop

Change-up has big swing and miss ability both in and out of the zone; Alabama hitters flailed at the pitch for the majority of the outing

In one sequence, he got three consecutive swinging strikes on change-ups for strikeout; the first on the outside corner thigh high, gradually working his way down with each pitch

Hard 12-7 downer curve ball, showed excellent 2 plane break when thrown well

Curve ball was very inconsistent, only breaking one off that showed its true potential

Slider is hard with mostly downward 1-7 movement; least refined secondary pitch

Most sliders didn't have great shape, with only one looking like an actual slider; the other few just sort of went down into the dirt with some cut action rather than spin

Attacked the zone throughout the outing, showing solid command of fastball

Excellent command of the change-up throughout the outing, relied on it as his out pitch

Good, quick pick off move
6-10-11: - http://lsubaseball.posterous.com/lsu-pitcher-kevin-gausman-named-to-usa-colleg     LSU freshman pitcher Kevin Gausman was named Friday to the USA Baseball Collegiate National Team. The team is comprised of the top collegiate baseball players in the country, and it will compete this summer in a schedule of exhibition games against the world's top baseball talent.  Gausman, a right-hander from Centennial, Colo. finished the 2011 regular season ranked No. 2 in the SEC in opponent batting average (.215) and No. 4 in the league in strikeouts (86). He was named SEC Freshman of the Week after firing a four-hit shutout with seven strikeouts against Tennessee on May 13.
6-10-11 from http://www.draftsite.com/mlb/mock-draft/2012 - Mock Draft - 12  Colorado Kevin Gausman RHP   LSU 6' 4" 190
6-11-11: - http://bleacherreport.com/articles/722354-2012-mlb-mock-draft-early-predictions-for-next-years-top-10-picks#/articles/722354-2012-mlb-mock-draft-early-predictions-for-next-years-top-10-picks/page/8  - The scouting report on Gausman has changed a bit since his sixth-round drafting last year.It still features the mid-90s fastball, solid command and great mound presence, but what he's added since spurning the Dodgers offer for college ball is development of his breaking ball and the refinement of his changeup. His command of both pitches allowed him to blossom into LSU's most impressive pitcher in 2011. The right-hander made a team-high 14 starts, winning five. He posted a respectable 3.51 ERA and held a 86:23 K:BB ratio in a team-leading 89.2 innings. Batters only hit .215 off of him and he served up only five home runs all season. His finest performance came in an early season outing against Tennessee. He tossed a complete-game shutout, scattering four hits and striking out seven. He walked none. Gausman should be a top ten pick in 2012, thanks not only to his velocity and developing secondary pitches, but also to his very prototypical pitcher's body. At 6'4" and 185 pounds, he still has plenty of room to add some more weight (increasing his durability and stamina). Another season of pitching in college baseball's toughest conference should give him all the seasoning he needs to make the jump to pro ball.
6-29-11: - http://www.mlbbonusbaby.com/2011/6/29/2250695/the-all-reese-team#storyjump - RHS: Kevin Gausman, Freshman from Louisiana State University - Gausman was a guy I liked coming out of high school, and he certainly did not disappoint me. His fastball is huge, delivered on a good downward plane with late arm side run that results in plenty of ground balls. He held his velocity late into the outings that I watched, and he has projection left in that frame. His change-up was the real surprise. He wasn't known for having one in high school, but he relied heavily on a devastating change with late split action this year. The curve ball shows good hard two-plane break at times but is not yet a consistent pitch. The slider is his least refined offering. Honorable Mention: Andrew Triggs, Junior from the University of Southern California
7-9-11: - http://www.mlbbonusbaby.com/2011/6/29/2250656/early-look-at-2012 - Gausman is a little more mature than most of the players we’be both seen. He adjusted to college ball easily moving from the mile high air and was told to pitch inside more which helped him, plus the fact he already had a nice breaking ball and his trajectory of pitches being 6’5 plus helped him a lot. What hasn’t been seen at least for me this year was the 98 mph on his fb he showed me as a HS jr, senior to be. He’ll be a second yr college pitcher next spring and draft eligible by age, so he’ll be a front runner for early round draft talk for certain. Progression for me would be better control and better command of his pitches, also an increase in velo, none of the three were shown to me this year thus far, but anything could change by next spring, LOL. Could be a remake of Anthony Renaudo, who I think will be a pretty good pitcher, starter? closer? More like a middle guy or 4th or 5th man in a rotation, which isn’t bad, but I don’t see dominance like an Alex Meyer showed this year after two rough springs at UK. We’ll see though. Lots of summer left! LOL –

7-9-11: - http://www.perfectgame.org/Articles/View.aspx?article=6002 - Kevin Gausman, RHP, LSU - One of the most projectable pitchers available in the 2010 draft class, Gausman went unsigned as the Dodgers' sixth-round pick honoring his commitment to LSU. With a relatively unexperienced Tigers staff, he was asked to step in immediately during his freshman year to contribute as a weekend starter, and performed admirably. He has flirted with triple digits since topping out at 94 at both the 2009 National Showcase and the Aflac All-American Classic the same summer, and continues to have one of the highest upsides of any player eligible for next year's draft as a draft-eligible sophomore.

7-21-11: - http://www.mockdraftmania.com - 11. Florida Marlins Kevin Gausman P LSU Gausman led the team innings pitched for LSU last season.  Kevin Gausman managed to pitch 89.2 innings for the LSU Tigers in 15 starts.  With an improvement of his mechanics and change up pitch Kevin Gausman has the tools to be a top 10 pick now.

7-19-11: - http://www.mlbbonusbaby.com/2011/6/29/2250656/early-look-at-2012#comments - Kevin Gausmann, LSU, 6’5 1/2 210, tall righty with potential to excel in pro ball, needs work with consistency in release points, but you can not teach his 95 mph fb, also hard cb that shows chance to be abv ave if he can harness the command needed at the next level. Top 10 talk already!

9-1-11: - http://projectprospect.com/article/2011/08/31/2012-mlb-draft-top-prospects  - Kevin Gausman, RHP, Louisiana State University - The epitome of a 'live-loose-arm', the first thing that jumped out about Gausman was arm strength generated from a very sound motion. That motion has been tweaked over the past year. Gausman's arm action is a bit different. His first movement after he takes the ball out of his glove is down to his hip then straight up to a very high arm angle. Gasuman keeps his weight back very late into his stride and hS excellent hip rotation, but this new arm action has resulted in what looks like slightly worse timing than in the past

9-16-11: - http://denver.sbnation.com/colorado-rockies/2011/9/16/2429660/2012-mlb-draft-top-50-kevin-gasuman - Though he was selected by the Los Angeles Dodgers in the sixth round of the 2010 MLB Draft, Colorado native Kevin Gausman went to the Southeast and joined the LSU Tigers baseball team. The Grandview High School product had a solid debut for the Tigers, going 5-6 with a 3.51 ERA in 14 starts. He struck out 86 in 90 innings and held opposing batters to a .215 average. He will be a draft-eligible sophomore for the 2012 MLB Draft and is already receiving high praise from Baseball America in its early 2012 MLB Draft preview. The 6-foot-4 right-hander is the No. 7 prospect right now and is described thusly:

9-23-11: - http://www.mlbbonusbaby.com/2011/9/22/2441104/top-50-draft-prospects-for-the-2012-mlb-draft#comments  - Gausman, Jeff, throws two fb, 4 seamer he can cut and two seamer that has tail and sink, no slider and 1/7 would be a lefties’ breaking action, his breaking ball I call a slurve from 11/5 action from the hitters looking at his arm slot window, his straight change at times does have dive and fade, you pointed out the flaw, inconsistent, thus only giving him 2 pitches right now, if the change gets better this fall into next spring, that will be a plus. Beck has 3 plus pitches right now and 55 command/control, much like Drew Storen who made a quick leap to the ML for the Nationals. Gausman is a top 10 guy now, some other arms may pass him quickly next spring though, Renaudo was a top 5 candidate before arm woes in 2010

11-4-11: - http://www.throughthefencebaseball.com/chicago-cubs-2012-free-agent-and-draft-pick-possibilities/13157/#  -  RHP Kevin Gausman, 6’-4″, 190 lbs, LSU — Gausman is one of the most major-league ready pitchers in the draft, mostly because of his outstanding mound presence. Has great command of his fastball, change-up and slider, and all are above-average pitches already. Held opponents to a .213 average while posting 86 K/23 BB over 89 innings this past season.

11-9-11: - http://diamondprospects.blogspot.com/2011/11/kevin-gausman-draft-profile.html  - Kevin Gausman was one of the best prep prospects just two years ago, but he dropped to the 6th round of the 2010 draft and decided to go to LSU. He became the most reliable starter on the staff in his Freshman year and is now a potential Top-10 pick as a draft-eligible Sophomore. With a great K/BB ratio, Gausman shows great command of a mid-90's fastball that runs in on righties. Shaky secondary pitches are one reason Gausman dropped coming out of high school and he has worked hard to improve those pitches. His efforts are paying off as he now possesses a plus curveball and a developing change that projects as above-average. With LSU's talented roster ready to once again make a run at Omaha, a dominant year from Gausman should put him in the Top-5 on draft day.


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