Draft 2012: - Courtney Hawkins, Daniel Rockett, Theo Anderson, Chris Fritts

11-15-11: - http://www.perfectgame.org/Articles/View.aspx?article=6369  - Courtney Hawkins (2012 OF, Houston Banditos)- Hawkins burst onto the scene two years ago as a 15 year old RHP, topping out at 91 mph at the 2009 15u WWBA National Championship. When his progress on the mound stalled out last year, some began to overlook the gifted athlete. During that time however, Hawkins made exceptional strides as an outfielder. At the 2010 Junior National Showcase Hawkins ran a 7.15 60-yard dash. A year later Hawkins posted an impressive 6.62 time at the 2011 National Showcase. The time spent focusing on improving as a hitter has also shown a similar improvement. Now getting the most of his natural strength, Hawkins blasted numerous tape-measure shots throughout the 2011 season, including a three-run bomb against the All-American Prospects/Indians Scout Team in Jupiter. Still possessing quality arm strength, Hawkins has emerged as a legitimate five-tool talent this year. Hawkins dominated his first three games of pool play, with five extra base hits and three SBs in that stretch before teams began to pitch around him. The biggest improvement Hawkins showed in Jupiter was his ability to drive the ball the opposite way with authority, after showing off impressive pullside power this summer, Hawkins crushed a deep homer to right center. Though he still has a few things to improve upon, the rapid improvement makes Hawkins a very intriguing prospect as he enters the spring of his senior season. Teammate Rock Rucker summed it up best while watching Hawkins from the on-deck circle, putting it simply: "how is he going to wow us today?"

11-15-11: - http://www.collegesummerbaseball.net/2011/11/top-50-position-players-in-northwoods.html?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter  - Daniel Rockett   OF   Battle Creek Bombers---UTSA   The only thing keeping Daniel from being the #1 player on my list is Shaun Cooper's outstanding summer, and Rockett's .305 batting average. All in all, he had an outstanding summer as he hit .305 in 236 at-bats. He was second in the league with 53 rbi's, and he scored 46 runs for the Bombers. He hit 16 doubles and smacked 8 home runs. He was ranked as the 38th best prospect in the league by Perfect Game.

11-15-11: - http://www.perfectgame.org/Articles/View.aspx?article=6369  - Theo Alexander (2012 OF, Northwest Scout Team)- In his first PG event Alexander stood out amongst a group of several talented under the radar players on the Northwest Scout Team. Alexander really looks the part at 6-foot-2, 195 pounds and projects to add significant strength to his athletic frame. Alexander handled Centerfield well in Jupiter and is a good present runner, though as he bulks up with maturity he is likely to wind up at a corner spot. His offensive upside is high enough to be a high level prospect regardless of position. He struggles a bit with elite offspeed stuff, especially from lefties, but he showed an ability to turn around high velocity fastballs with serious authority. Alexander's .364/.333/.636 line confirms that his plate approach and discipline have a long ways to go, but also that he can put a charge into the ball against good pitching. With refinement and physical maturity Alexander looks to be capable of developing into an offensive force.

11-15-11: - http://www.collegesummerbaseball.net/2011/11/top-50-position-players-in-northwoods.html?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter  - Chris Fritts   OF   Alexandria Beetles---Tennessee   Chris is known as a gritty player and as a  player that just plays the game very well. He hit .313 in 224 at-bats for the Beetles.  He was tied for the league lead with 55 runs scored and he drove in 39 runners this summer. He also hit 17 doubles and stole 15 bases this season. Perfect Game ranked him as the 69th best prospect in the league.


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