STUFF: First Base, Andy Martino,Herman Cain, Pat Misch, Mets Off Season

-Follow this logic. Everybody but their fourth cousin plays first base for Mets in the minor leagues. Now, there are no catchers in the system that have hit enough to get excited about. So, Frankie Pena goes to Fall Ball and is hitting around .400. He’s basically been a disappointment since signing for an $800,000 bonus a million years ago when he was 16, but insiders have told me that he has developed defensive. So now what? He’s playing first base. I know that the Mets have no control where their players play down below the border, but I can’t think of a position this team needs less additional depth than first base. Davis, Evans, Satin, Duda, Dykstra… come on.

-Flames out last night at beat reporter Andy Martino. He was belittling blog writers and trying to be a comedian. What has happened to the brick and mortar industry? Do editors actually want their writers trying to compete with the Comedy Channel. What I did was wrong. I need to stay away from Twitter. My skin is thin and I can't seem to ignore this crap.

-Do people actually still believe that Herman Cain is running for the President of the United States?

-Jason Stark was first to report that LHP Pat Misch signed a minor-league deal with the Phillies. Good for him. He was a trooper for the Mets, but had hit the ceiling in the system. The least he will be for the Phillies is an instant scout on what the Mets currently have in Buffalo.

-Lastly, I thought I'd bring everyone up to date with the deals done so far this off-season by Sandy and Company:

Signed Vinny Rottino  - 36 total major league at bats... 7 hits
Signed Adam Loewen - 5.38 career major league ERA -35 games... oh yeah, he now plays oF
Re-signed Valentino Pascucci - 73 major league at bats - .192


David Groveman said...

"Signed Adam Loewen - 5.38 career major league ERA -35 games... oh yeah, he now plays OF"

This was a great VALUE-Minded pickup.

It also adds to talent in Buffalo so we don't need to yawn through more articles about Buffalo wanting a new franchise to control their minor league team.

At Best: Adam will be a version of Rick Ankiel (maybe like that glimpse of dominant power we once saw)

At Worst: He plays in AAA and hits some homers.

Reese Kaplan said...

It is a little puzzling to me we let Nick Evans walk away in order to secure a non-40 man roster spot for Adam Loewen. His offensive season here was rather similar to Evans' breakout year in 2010. Maybe he has better defensive skills...who knows?

The Rottino signing is much more interesting to me because of his versatility -- OF and catcher. Is he the new Eli Marrero? How many remember he was who we received when we banished Kaz Matsui to Colorado?

Regarding Vinny "Crash Davis" Pascucci, he is what he is -- a career minor leaguer who probably would hit a little in the bigs but doesn't field any position well enough to find out.

David Groveman said...

What Adam has that Nick doesn't is speed.

What Nick has that Adam doesn't is that he's a righty and we have a TON of lefties.

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