2012 Draft: - RHP Mark Appel

1)       RHP       Mark Appel
6-11-10: -
http://mlb.mlb.com/news/article.jsp?ymd=20110608&content_id=20222396&vkey=news_mlb&c_id=mlb&partnerId=rss_mlb  Mark Appel, RHP, Stanford: Some believe that Appel, a power pitcher who's been at the front of Stanford's rotation for two years, could be the No. 1 overall pick.
3-3-11: - Friday’s game was a true pitcher’s duel, and both sophomore (Stanford’s) Mark Appel and (Vanderbilt) junior Sonny Gray brought some good stuff to the table. Personally, I thought Appel had better stuff, but I mean that as a compliment to Gray. Gray definitely didn’t have his A-plus stuff on a very cold Friday night, but he still managed to sneak his way to six strikeouts and give up just one run on three hits. To me, that’s the mark of a good pitcher – a guy who can silence a potent Stanford lineup when he is having control issues with his fastball and he frequently missed the strike zone with first pitches. Gray brought scouts out in droves to see his performance (there were probably 15 to 20 teams there), and even though his pitches weren’t great, his pitching was. http://collegebaseball360.com/2011/03/01/college-baseball-notes-on-vandy-stanford-fullerton-tcu  

2-28-11 – http://bullpenbanter.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=388:college-baseball-weekend-02-observations&catid=18:articles&Itemid=11 - Camera angle was from behind home plate in the press box, limiting my ability to see vertical plane of pitches Big fastball with arm side run; 96, 95, 96 in first, 92-93 in fifth (via announcer) Good tail on change-up, horizontal movement mirrors fastball Curve ball used as his put away pitch; showed that he could hit corner of the zone with pitch and bury as a chase pitch; 84 in the first (via announcer)

2-21-11: - http://bullpenbanter.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=387:college-baseball-weekend1&catid=18:articles&Itemid=11 Player: Mark Appel  College: Stanford University  Position: Starting Pitcher Bats/Throws: R/R  -  A 5:30 start caused me to miss the first three innings of the game so I didn't get a full look at Appel  Tall and lanky build  Fastball on a downward plane with some arm-side run. Was no longer missing bats by the 5th inning. Perfect Game's Kendall Rogers had him as high as 97 MPH: here Breaking ball was a 12-6 variety that lacked consistency: some were tight with sharp break, others less sharp, and some merely spun and stayed up out of the zone Good movement on change-up: some arm-side run with downward action. A swing and miss pitch that Appel used as his primary off-speed.

10-11-10 – Top 10 2012 Prospects from Jim Callis/Baseball America - #5. Mark Appel, rhp, Stanford

Ranked #2 in the 2012 Prospects List compiled by the All-American Athletic Foundation http://allamericanfoundation.pointstreaksites.com/view/allamericanfoundation/news/mlb-2012-draft

3-21-11:  -  http://bullpenbanter.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=402:college-baseball-weekend-06-observations&catid=18:articles&Itemid=11 - Tall with some projection remaining  Long delivery; 3/4 arm slot  Fastball has arm side run, but straightens out up in the zone; 98 & 96 in the first; 92 in the third; 91 in the fifth; 92 & 94 in the sixth; 93 in the seventh (via announcer) 1-7 variety curve ball has big, sharp break when going well; 83 in the third (via announcer) Curve ball was inconsistent: threw a pair of excellent ones early in the game, followed by some loopier; movement deteriorated in the middle innings, before looking tight again with good shape in the seventh inning

Change-up has good drop and arm-side fade; hides the pitch well; 84 in the second (via announcer) Control and command wavered throughout the game; works best when in a quick rhythm Fastball seems to induce more hard contact than velocity warrants Sequenced his pitches well to strike a batter out in the second; throwing a tight curve ball on the outside corner for strike two before blowing a fastball by the batter in the same spot Utilized slide step out of the stretch Falls off the mound a bit to the first base side, especially when throwing to that side of the plate

3/4 arm slot; smooth, very low effort delivery with a fast arm

Fastball with some arm side run and a downward plane; 97 in the first, 90 — as a "get me over" pitch — in the third, 94 & 92 in the sixth, 89 in the seventh (via announcer)

Hard 12-7 curve ball with late break; can throw for strikes with swing & miss ability

Curve ball was a bit inconsistent and lost the good late break around the fifth inning but still had good shape

Change-up has very good, late action: drop and arm side fade; a couple had ridiculous movement that almost seemed to take a hard right hand (arm side) turn as it approached the hitter

Change-up has swing and miss ability when at its best and ground ball ability when its not

Fastball command was good to start the game but quickly abandoned him and never got it back

Once the fastball continued to prove erratic, Appel switched tactics and pitched heavily off of the change up — using the pitch ~ 65% of the time from the 4th inning on

By that point, the fastball was used sparingly and as a change of pace after attacking hitters with the CH/CB

Commanded the change-up to both sides of the plate; a bit less feel for the curve ball but used it effectively throughout the outing

Paid an exorbitant amount of attention to a base runner — Amaral — in the third inning

Comment: I have yet to see Appel put all of his pitches together in any given outing. The stuff is there for him to be an elite pitching prospect with three plus or better pitches. I was impressed with how well he adapted to a lack of fastball command in this look. He went through phases where he threw predominantly fastballs then curve balls before finding consistency with the change-up. Perhaps the best I can say about him is that he was not dwarfed by Gerrit Cole

6-10-11 from http://www.draftsite.com/mlb/mock-draft/2012  - Mock Draft -

3  Chicago Cubs Mark Appel RHP   Stanford 6' 5" 190

6-12-11: - http://bleacherreport.com/articles/722354-2012-mlb-mock-draft-early-predictions-for-next-years-top-10-picks#/articles/722354-2012-mlb-mock-draft-early-predictions-for-next-years-top-10-picks/page/4  - Right now Appel looks to be the top college pitcher heading into the 2012 season. He's coming off of a stellar season in which he's won six games (so far), posted a 3.02 ERA and struck out 83 batters in a team-leading 104.1 innings. He helped guide Stanford into super-regional play with a seven-hit complete game in the NCAA opener against Kansas State. He struck out eight in the game and walked none. Last year as a freshman, the 6'5", 190 pound right-hander had a tough year pitching out of Stanford's bullpen. He was hit hard (44 H, 25 R in 38 IP) and finished the year with a 5.92 ERA and almost as many walks (19) as strikeouts (24). He didn't let a disappointing first-year campaign keep him down though. He traveled, along with Diekroeger, to the New England Collegiate League and dominated, posting a 6-1 record and a 1.87 ERA, earning top prospect honors. Appel has all the tools to end up as a top five pick. He has the easy velocity that can produce 97 mph bullets, although he sits more comfortably in the 92-95 mph range. He has a very impressive slider and also throws a changeup and a cutter—a pitch becoming more and more popular amongst younger pitchers these days. One thing scouts are always looking for is excellent arm speed, and Appel has that too

7-3-11 via twitter - NickJFaleris Nick J. Faleris - Mark Appel in the 1st 93-95 w/one 96 and 97. CH at 83 and SL 83-84. #USACNT 2012 #MLBDraft

7-21-11: - http://www.mockdraftmania.com - 3. Kansas City Royals Mark Appel P Stanford The Kansas City Royals are in the bottom 5 in only one category.  That category is team ERA.  The Royals have the lowest payroll in MLB and usually lean towards the best player available. Mark Appel is a 6 foot 5 190 pound pitcher who pitches for the Stanford Cardinal.  Last year Mark Appel was the top starter in the schools rotation. Appel only surrendered 2 home runs all season.  Appel struck out 86 batters and went 6-7 while posting a 3.02 ERA after posting a 5.92 ERA as a freshman.  The fact that his ERA was lowered by 2 runs is very impressive. Appel pitched a minimum of 6 innings in all 15 of his starts so consistency is a non issue with Appel.  Appel pitched over 100 innings pitching 104.1 innings as a sophomore.

7-19-11: - http://www.mlbbonusbaby.com/2011/6/29/2250656/early-look-at-2012#comments - Mark Appel, Stanford, 6’5 190, nice arm and build, some cross body, fb are true and hittable, will run fb up to 95, most are 92 and straight, hard cb that at times is very sloppy, other times falls off the table, work with mechanics in pro ball should help him. Potential top 5 candidate for 1st round in 2012.

7-31-11: - http://orioles-nation.com/2011/07/28/scouting-the-cape-cod-league-mark-appel - Appel’s fastball sits easily in the 94-95 mph range and he dialed it up to 97 mph on his debut night.  As with most of his arsenal, he commands this pitch rather well, keeping the ball down in the zone constantly. The fastball was fouled off even in hitters counts when they knew it was coming. Guys had trouble getting square contact and even when hit hard, they were ground balls that would have been eaten up in the professional ranks. I have seen him dial it up to 98 mph in other encounters and others have seen him hit 99 mph.  With additional lower half strength and weight gain, he may sit in the 96 mph range with the four-seam fastball.


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