My Apologies Up Front

My Apologies Up Front
By Mack Ade  11-25-11 

Asking for donations really sucks.

(Pause to let some of you move on to next post…)

(Wait for it…)

I said I would only do these three times a year, but what better day to beg than Black Friday?

Everyone asks. Some, like the owner of Wikipedia, actually beg with a picture.

My three attempts have netted me $60.00. Yes, that’s right. Three people sent me $25, $10, and $25.

Regarding transparency (when did this word become a good word?), I also have received $691.50 worth of ad revenue, which totals to a 2011 revenue of $751.50.

Mack’s Mets has averaged eight posts a day, which totals to 2920 posts. You do the math.

Look, Mack’s Mets isn’t going to go away if you don’t donate. We’ve got 11 active writers now and great plans for the future.

All I’m trying to do is pay my bills which start with the one that came in this week from one of my wife’s doctors.

(For those of you new to the site… I’m totally tapped out and receive disability payments that are being reduced 35% in February when I turn 65. My wife doesn’t work and has no health insurance. My only insurance is the VA who can’t see me until January)

Writing is therapy for me so I’m not going away until Johnny Lowe calls me to that great Mets dugout in the sky.

All I ask is you go to the right side of the front page of http://www.macksmets.blogspot.com , scroll down, and click on the donate button.

Happy a happy holiday season.



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