FLASH - SP - Chris Flexen


Chris Flexen will start for the Mets on Thursday.


Thomas Brennan said...

I like this thinking!

Reese Kaplan said...

I wonder whose thinking it is? It seems very out of character for Sandy "Smartest Man in the Room" Alderson.

And how would you feel if you were Amed Rosario or Dom Smith seeing a pitcher leapfrog from AA over AAA to the majors while they continue to sweat in the desert?

I think it's a great move because it helps you get an idea if his success is for real or not.

Hobie said...

Apples & oranges, Reese. Pitchers get yanked up & down all the time. Mets have to move some vets (they're not going to DFA them) for R and/or S to get called before Sept.

If R & S don't understand the game, they should be stacking shelves in Walmart.

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