TRADE!!! Mets Acquire Marlins CL A.J. Ramos for Merandy and R. Cespedes


     According to Ken Rosenthal via Twitter, the Mets have acquired closer A.J. Ramos from the Miami Marlins.

The Mets send SP Merandy Gonzalez and OF Ricardo Cespedes to the Marlins.


bob gregory said...

Sellers AND buyers??
Now that is surprising.

Robb said...

gave up a lot, but thats far away. Good player controllable through next year. See what they end up getting for reed, but this is a fair trade.

Reese Kaplan said...

So I guess the Mets didn't like the idea of Sewald, Robles or Blevins taking over as closer post-Reed.

As far as the trade goes, it appears the Marlins "Sandied" Alderson -- demanding an extra player in Cespedes when Gonzalez alone would have been a fair return.

Christopher Soto said...

This is some next level thinking by Sandy....In my opinion....this is an incredible trade in favor of the Mets


Mets are swapping Addison Reed for Ramos, gaining +1 year of control, and probably will gain equal or slightly better prospects when they do sell Reed. Also.....with AJ Ramos off the market.....there is less RP supply on the market potentially causing the Addison Reed return on investment to be EVEN MORE!

TP said...

I like the possibilities here but let's hold off on the GM of the Year award for now and see what else happens. Ramos is nice but he is no Andrew Miller. Unless Sandy is added two of our "fab 5"starters to the 2018 pen there is still a ton of work to do out there.

Thomas Brennan said...

I think this is a good trade. Both players the Mets gave up I have real potential, but in Ramos, we get a real good pen arm that we can use right now and in 2018. I'll take It. Chris' analysis re: Addison Reed strikes me as astute.

Interesting chess move by Sandy.

Hobie said...

Hey, why not re-sign Reed this winter.

Sewald, Blevins, Ramos, Reed, Familia not a shabby nucleus.

bob gregory said...

Don't resign Reed!
Yes, he has been very good for the Mets.

The problem is the over-use the past couple years.

Mack Ade said...

Two top prospects for a one year contract at around $8.5mil?

I am VERY sad at losing Merandy. I believe he will prove the Mets wrong someday.

I talked to him last night and he told me to wish everyone at Mack's Mets 'asta luego, amigo'.

Robb said...

you have to give things up to get things. Mack thats why this feels like a good trade. we got a good player who solves a need and gave up two players i wish i didnt have to give up but want like oh my god we gave up our best prospect either.

It wouldnt shock the world if reed comes back next year too.

TP said...

I like Reed a lot...he throws strikes and is better than Ramos, who is solid but prone to walks. Reed could command $50 million on the market this winter based on recent contracts for quality relievers, so it is very doubtful that he returns to the Mets. I will miss his walk offs with the cap tilted back for sure.

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