NEW MET - RHP Jonathan Albaladejo


The Mets continue to fill in the cracks.

RHP Jonathan Albaladejo has been signed to a minor league contract.

Albaladejo was drafted by the Pittsburgh Pirates in 2001 (19th round - Miami-Dade College).

The 33-year old has been around... 5 major league seasons... 14 in the minors.

All his major league time was spent it the pen; however, he went 15-6 in 28 starts for Bridgeport in the Atlantic League last season.

Watch for Albaladejo to fill a slot in the depleted Vegas rotation.


Gary Seagren said...

Holy crap their calling up Flexen

Thomas Brennan said...

Gary, I love the Flexen call up.

The other guy - did they tell him pitching in Vegas is like D Day in Normandy. Few survive.

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