Just some musings on Monday night's Vegas contest.

There apparently were 2 two point conversions in Vegas last night as the 51's lost 22-8.  Lost by two touchdowns - Tim Tebow (2 singles and a double for St Lucie on Monday) could have fixed that in nothing flat with his pigskin expertise.

Ricky Knapp held the Grizzlies to 12 earned runs in 4.2 IP, and Beck Wheeler allowed 5 more in 1.1 IP; all of Wheeler's runs were unearned, keeping his ERA down to 7.02, barely behind Knapp's 6.95. 

But: is a 7.00 ERA in Vegas bad or good?  Seth Lugo and Rob Gsellman were around there last year and mostly have done well in the majors since.

Catcher Jeff Glenn and SS Jio Mier combined for the last 3 innings of 5 run ball, a distinct improvement over the real pitchers who allowed 17 runs.

Travis Taijeron had 2 doubles & a HR; he is .382/.477/.709 in 14 robust July games and still managed to fan 18 times in 14 games.  Travis may fan a lot, but at least he produces - .278/.382/.531 for 2017 despite a prolonged slump in June. He, by the way, is still hitting better against righties than the occasional lefty he faces.

After last night's 4 for 5, Gavin Cecchini zoomed "up" to .258/.314/.358.  What do those #'s translate to in real AAA ball, though?

Recently comatose Phil Evans has greatly revived: last 9 games, he is 16 for 36 with 12 ribbies, jumping him from .231 to .257.  His season stats (.257/.322/.348) provide further conclusive proof, though, that he is a clone of Cecchini.

Smith and Rosario, who were seen in the clubhouse mapquesting a trip from Vegas to Queens just for the fun of it, are back above .330 with 2 for 5 nights each - both hope to get called into Skip's office before the end of June to receive good news.  Both have heavily used dartboards with Sandy Alderson's picture on it in their apartments.  Both Smith and Rosario are considering upgrading to Smith and Wesson.

Plawecki had his first bad nite in quite a great while, but sits at .327.  He wonders when, like Hansel Robles, his exile will end.  Robles hurried back to Queens so he could quickly surrender another homer.


I thought I would be away and not able to update this, but a last minute change of plans and I am here after all.

After a 22-8 loss totaling 30 runs, Tuesday nite's contest went one better - 31 runs.  Vegas lost again, but this time not by 2 touchdowns, but only by one - 19-12.

Starting in 100 degree night gamer heat, Mitch Atkins (11.28 ERA) surrendered 13 runs in 3 innings, but fortunately for him, one of those was unearned. 

After that, five more pitchers, and the two Las Vegas 51 relievers who've pitched well all season long (Kyle Regnault and Kevin McGowan) each added scoreless innings.  The Vegas pitchers allowed 6 homers in 2 straight games.  Proof that what happens in Vegas does NOT stay in Vegas.

Powerhouse Phil Evans went 4 for 6, with a triple and homer (#7) and 3 more RBIs, so now in his last 10 games, he is a ferocious 20 for 42 with 3 homers and 15 RBIs, pushing him to .265. Really nice to climb 34 points in BA and 63 points in slugging % in just 10 games. 

His clone Gavin Cecchini went 3 for 5 with a homer (#4) and is hitting .263, so the bat is reviving.

Travis Taijeron hit #18 and Victor Cruzado hit #4 in a 3 for 5 night, making Hobie jump for joy!

Tyler Pill starts tonight - he said he wanted to see the team's in house trauma specialist, but was was told appointments are backed up for weeks.

In the more sedate environs of AA ball, PJ Conlon (6-7, 3.81) tossed a 7 inning shutout, his 3rd shutout this season.


Mack Ade said...

Regnault has earned a promotion to Flushing for two reasons.

1. He has pitched very well this season.

2. He does not deserve to pitch another inning for that team.

Thomas Brennan said...

McGowan too. Vegas gave up 41 runs in two games! Being there as a pitcher is cruel and unusual punishment

Adam Smith said...

This organization looks like a disaster right about now. Good thing that Alderson is waiting out the trade market so they can fool ticket buyers into thinking they're competing through the rest of this home stand.

Mack Ade said...

Adam - After the Yanks deal, the next 72 hours is critical for Alderson

Reese Kaplan said...

I disagree, Mack. The PREVIOUS 72 hours were critical for Alderson. Now it's desperation and sloppy seconds.

I do agree about Regnault. Cut Ramirez or Salas and open up a spot on the 40-man roster.

Adam Smith said...

Hi Mack. Hope you and the family are well. I wonder if the next 72 hours (or the next twelve days) are critical for Alderson, or just for us. Meaning; with his contract up after this season, what do you think the chances are that Sandy retires or is not renewed? On the trade front, I've been advocating (to no one who has any actual say in the matter) for a package of Reed + either Duda or Bruce. Would seem the only chance of getting back at least one impact prospect.

Thomas Brennan said...

Sandy has been Sleepy and even Dopey. Time to not be a dwarf next to all other BB GMs

Thomas Brennan said...

So Vegas opponent scores 41 runs in 2 games. I remember the 1968 Mets - they had trouble scoring 41 runs by the All Star break.

Thomas Brennan said...

Of course, last night Tyler Pill goes 7 scoreless in a Vegas rare win, but gets an ND due to bad relief.

Apparently, in 1950, the Boston Red Sox scored 49 runs against the Browns in back to back games winning 20-4 on June 7 and 29-4 on June 8. Wow.

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