Tom Brennan - DSL DYNAMOS


Tom Brennan - DSL DYNAMOS

True Confessions:
I am not a big DSL baseball aficionado. 

International signings, many of them 16 or 17 years old, play in what I consider the pre-minor leagues.  Not too much older, some of them, than kids in the Little League WS. 

DSL has guys like Vicente Lupo:

Vinnie the Loop hit a robust .343/.500/.608 in 2012 in the DSL, a real whiff of success, only to follow in the real minors by whiffing an extreme 342 times in 793 at bats (43%).

So performance in the DSL is often not a reliable indicator of future minor league success.

I typically ignore the DSL altogether for that reason.

But this year the two Mets teams, each about 33 games into their seasons, have virtually identical records, with the two teams aggregating 44-21 so far. 

That piques my interest.  Who is doing well for those teams?

Who are dynamos, not just walking on water, but soaring above the waves?  About 15 guys at this early juncture:


Jose Peroza, 3B: he has 15 doubles, a HR, and a .333 average in 30 games.

Wilfred Astudillo, C: .317/.396/.390 with just 7 Ks in nearly 100 plate appearances. 12 of 33 CS.

Sebastian Espino, SS: .308/.381/.500 in 29 games, with 8 doubles and 6 triples.  But 13 errors.  $300 K bonus baby.

Jean Carlos Soto, OF: .293/.381/.378 in 25 Gs, just 11 Ks. $150 K bonus baby.

Ramon Guzman, 1-0, 23 IP, 0.39 ERA, 19K.

Hector Rodriguez (H ROD), 1-0, 19 IP, 0.46 ERA, 25 K.

Jorge Cespedes, 3-1, 30 IP, 27 K, 1.46. We luv Cespedeses

Nelson Leon, 5-1, 35 IP, 28 K, 1.54

Jasson Pena, 2-1, 1.89.  Fascinating stat of the day: his last 4 outings, spanning 14 IP, just 1 hit allowed. Just say no-no.

In fact, fourteen DSL 1 guys have pitched for the team and have ERAs of 3.14 or less.


Jhoander Saez, OF: 31 G, .364/.441/.441, 0 errors, 10/11 steals.  Star of the Mets' DSL so far.

Yoel Romero, 2B: 29 G, .340/.434/.388, 2 miscues, 7/11 SB.
$300K bonus baby.

Shrevyen Newton, SS: 31 G, .333/.447/.447, 6/8 SB, and 9 errors.  $50K bonus baby.

Jefferson Escorche, RP: 12 IP, 5 H, 16 K, 0.00. Scorching.

Miguel Pinedo, RP: 7.1 IP, 3 H, 1 R, 9K.

Ivan Santana, SP: 3-2, 1.13, 32 IP, 13 H, 37 K.

A bunch of DSL games to go, so I will try to check back and see who the top young DSL lads are at that time.

(In a sense, with so many international signing players on these DSL squads, this article is a segue way from my July 11 article on the recent years' international bonus babies signings - if you missed it, check it out).


PEN MICRO-MANAGEMENT:  Hansel Robles to me has been a puzzle.  He started the season very well for the Mets, melted down for a few games, got sent down to Vegas, and kept right on melting.

However, in his last 3 relief outings, he seems to have righted the ship: 4 perfect shutout IP. Needed in Queens.

Meanwhile, Fernando Salas and Neil Ramirez have thrown some of the most atrocious pen outings in recent memory, and both have obese ERAs.

So, label me the Micro-Manager, but why hasn't Robles, who has had a very solid major league career, been recalled after his recent fine outings and one of these dudes (I say Ramirez) banished?  If in fact the Mets are trying to win?

Last bullpen note: Logan Taylor, skulled by some street whacko with a pipe in Salt Lake City 2 weeks ago, resulting in some serious stitches and a concussion, was still on the DL on July 14.  Hopefully, he returns soon.

He's been one of the best pen arms in Vegas this year; this is a very unfortunate and bizarre injury to have sustained.


Thomas Brennan said...

Funny...last night's game felt like late July 2015. When the Mets started a rampage.

Anonymous said...

For as down as the minor league teams seem to be this year, both DSL teams are smoking! Hopefully they start to filter upward and give us a new crop of prospects to follow.

Reese Kaplan said...

Why hasn't Rosario been promoted? The new excuse us they need to showcase Reyes and Cabrera for possible trades.

Thomas Brennan said...

DSL Dynamos will hopefully some day be the future Rosarios.

The Rosario thing is so weird, Reese, Jose picked a funny time to go 16 for his last 40 - my guess is they want to see if this team can reel off 10 straight after the break - last night makes that seem possible

Thomas Brennan said...

At the time I wrote the article, 44-21. After each winning 3 more by Friday's games, 50-21. Oh, yeah!

Compare to Brooklyn's 6-18, Kingport's 8-12, GCL's 5-10. Combined 19-40. Oh. boy.

Thomas Brennan said...

Mark Sanchez of the NY Post wrote this today about Szapucki and Humphreys - so Szapucki has NOT had elbow TJS surgery, as one anonymous poster had indicated several days ago:

Two of the Mets’ best pitching prospects, Thomas Szapucki and Jordan Humphreys, have gone down in the past few weeks, both placed on the disabled list with soreness to the pitching elbow, which the Mets said they are examining.

“Going to miss a couple starts,” Mets director of minor league operations Ian Levin said over the phone. “We’re hoping it’s nothing more serious than that.”

Zozo said...

That's what's best right now to do. Showcase Reyes and Cabrera and hopefully they can get us a good minor league reliever for down the road. Management messed up the season already by not bringing up Rosario 2 months ago.

Mack Ade said...

Tom -

this is why I don't go to print with what one anonymous source tells me

Thomas Brennan said...

I hear you. I wonder if Ian Levin is reachable to ask questions when needed?

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