As we writers back up the moving van to cart out several vets before the July 31 deadline, the Mets sit 10 games out of the Wild Card behind Arizona and Colorado, and 4.5 games behind Chicago.  With about 65 games to go.  None of those 3 are playing all that well.

Now, let's look at the Mets:

Cespedes, the target of much debate, is back, and we know how hot he can get.  He can lift all boats in Queens.

Familia?  I thought I saw he would be back fairly soon, perhaps.  Am I wrong?

Thor and Harvey?  Maybe another what, 3 weeks until they return?

If those 3 do return on that timetable, at least as it pertains to Thor and Familia, plus a seemingly revitalized, healthy Cespedes, how much better does that make the Mets.  

I'd think: A LOT BETTER. 

Better than the other Wild Card contenders, IMO.

QUESTIONS: Do we have, with those pieces back or returning soon (if my estimates are right), enough juice to catch and overtake Colorado and Az?  

And to overtake Chicago too?

That is Sandy's dilemma.  And may be why he has not pulled the trigger on trades yet.  What if we win 5 more in a row right now, and we close the Wild Card gap over those 5 days, and those players are not too far from returning?  And then Cespedes is hot?

Maybe just move Cabrera, move Grandy, call up Rosario, and "game on"?

Weird season.  Simply WILD.


Viper said...

It would be totally foolish to think the Mets have any chance to compete for anything. You do the right thing and trade Duda, Bruce, Blevins, Reed, Cabrera and any one else that can bring decent / good prospects.

If the Mets make a run, let it be with Rosario, Smith, Flores 3B, TJ 2B, Conforto RF, Lagares/Nimmo CF. Lets play these guys and see were this team stands and what it needs for next year.

And maybe, just maybe the Mets can expose Cespedes to recovable waivers and sone team claims him?

Mack Ade said...

Tom -

You have to catch Colorado to get there.

Michael S. said...


This is an opportunity to boost the farm (and our pool of tradable assets). It's disappointing and unfortunate, but this season has been lost. Reload now instead of chasing fool's gold.

Thomas Brennan said...

I agree with trade and reload. But then you'd want the Mets to go down to defeat today to take away that latest faint hope that could delay trades.

Reese Kaplan said...

The smart move is to trade all expiring contracts you have no plans to bring back. Bruce may be kept to offer the QO, though the right offer for him shouldn't be dismissed.

Even as the deadline approaches, take SOMETHING for these players, not letting them leave for NOTHING. Take A-ball wildcards for guys like Granderson and pay down the salary you'd budgeted for anyway. Then you at least receive the possibility of a player down the road. Doing nothing (Sandy's MO) is a recipe for failure.

Robb said...

You sell duda, cabrera, one of the outfielders and reed. Hopefully you can build a future bullpen and find a real 3rd base prospect with all of that. You only really need to get 1 guy to slot into the bullpen at the moment, everyone else can be lower level guys. Joel sherman in the post had some descent suggestions and valuations on the mets players. Most of which I would do. though Id prefer a different colorado prospect then the catcher.

the thing is, if the guys you bring up can hold there own. the guys coming back could help you maybe not make a run, but go on a couple winning streaks that bring back the excitement and make next year look like a good time.

Thomas Brennan said...

Robb, good point.

And the Mets' poor support for the second coming of Anthony Young, aka Rafael Montero, removes the catch-up fantasy...sell baby sell.

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