Mack's Notes - 10-1-17 - Mets Logo, Konnor Pilkington, Noah, BA Top 50


Good morning.

Mets Logo -

ESPN had an interesting  podcast  regarding the Top 30 Baseball Logos. And the Mets came in...


  14) New York Mets primary logo

Why does this merit a spot in our Top 30? For one thing, it’s the only primary logo the franchise has ever known, dating back to the Mets’ inaugural season in 1962.

The logo, created by sports cartoonist Ray Gotto, says baseball, it says New York, and it says “Mets”—which is a word that defies easy depiction. It’s an aesthetic masterwork, well balanced, perfectly proportioned, and readable at any size, instantly recognizable and timeless.

It does, however, lack one small detail that was included when it made its debut—a tiny interlocked “NY,” which used to be positioned to the left of the “M” in “Mets.” Beyond that, it connects all 56 seasons of franchise history from Marvelous Marv straight through to Thor. As Casey Stengel said, “you can look it up.”

Konnor Pilkington

Holyfield posted their first mock draft of the season –

            6. NY Mets: Konnor Pilkington — LHP, Mississippi State                        University

Pilkington combines 6’3” 225lb stature with three above average pitches. He has a good arm side run on his fastball and uses it to get hitters to chase high. Pilkington also held opponents to a .199 AVG last season, which is quite impressive.

Jeff Zimmerman's final thoughts this season on Noah Syndergaard

It’ll be tough for (fantasy) owners to correctly value Syndergaard next year. Owners will have two innings of post-injury production to formulate their offseason projections.
Here’s what we know. In his one inning of work, he averaged 98.8 mph on his fastball with his season average at 98.2 mph. For at least this single inning his velocity was back. I’m not going to predict the small improvement sticks because most pitchers can ramp up the velocity for one inning.

He did drop his release point some but                          previously he’s effectively thrown from a lower              release point.

BA came out with their Top 50 College players in the 2018 draft. Here’s the top 25… go to the link                                                          for the rest  –

1          Brady Singer, RHP, Florida
2          Nick Madrigal, SS/2B, Oregon State
3          Shane McClanahan, LHP, South Fla    
4          Casey Mize, RHP, Auburn          
5          Greyson Jenista, OF/1B, Wichita State
6          Griffin Conine, OF, Duke
7          Ryan Rolison, LHP, Mississippi 
8          Logan Gilbert, RHP, Stetson     
9          Tristan Pompey, OF, Kentucky 
10       Travis Swaggerty, OF, South Alabama
11       Jackson Kowar, RHP, Florida
12       Luken Baker, 1B/DH, Texas Christian
13       Jeremy Eierman, SS, Missouri State
14       Alec Bohm, 3B, Wichita State
15       Steele Walker, OF, Oklahoma
16       Zach Watson, OF, Louisiana State      
17       Seth Beer, OF/1B, Clemson
18       Konnor Pilkington, LHP, Mississippi St  
19       Sean Hjelle, RHP, Kentucky       
20       Blaine Knight, RHP, Arkansas  
21       Austin Bergner, RHP, North Carolina
22       Tristan Beck, RHP, Stanford      
23       Tanner Dodson, OF/RHP, California
24       Tim Cate, LHP, Connecticut
25       Cadyn Grenier, SS/2B, Oregon State


Thomas Brennan said...

Miracle of miracles, despite winning last night, we cling to the 6th draft spot. Padres a game ahead in 7th. Get that 6th pick. Yanks 91-70, Mets 70-91...symmetrical.

I just don't want a lefty starter drafted. Matz, Kay, and Szapucki are enough. Oh yeah, and Conlon.

Phil Evan starts game winning rally with another pinch hit. Please start the 10 for 32 Evans today. Or is he already pigeonholed?

Logo is a good word for Mets: too many seasons have been a low go. Including this one.

Syndergaard will be fine next year....right?

Zozo said...

If we win and Atlanta and San Diego lose we end up with the same record. Who gets what pick in the draft?

Mack Ade said...

Tom -

Good morning.

1. We never really had a chance at the fifth pick what with Cincy dumping the way they did. I expect TC do everything he can today to win and stick the Mets with the seventh pick.

2. It is too early to project who the Mets pick will be. What the team draft brass will do is target 20-30 players and send scouts and cross checkers out to all their games to file reports on them.

3. Evans was headed to the DFA trash pile and just might have earned himself
a second change at winning a 2018 utility position in Flushing.

4. Thor will be just fine next year.

Mack Ade said...

Zozo -

The answer to that is simple... I don't know.

Can someone out there help me here?

Gary Seagren said...

Agree with Thomas on not drafting another LHP and by the way what ever happened to Justin Dunn? Mack what's your latest first round selection?

Thomas Brennan said...

Zozo, bad news on draft tiebreaker:

Draft order. The general draft order is the reverse order of the previous year's standings. If two teams finish with identical records, the previous year's standings of the two teams is the tiebreaker, with the team having a worse record receiving the higher pick.

Since we had a better record than either last year, if we (ugh) win and Braves and Padres win, we slip to 8th - which would be such a typical, stupid Mets thing.

Gary, on Dunn, it is simple in one sense: he was a 19th pick in the first round, reinforcing why you want to go as high as possible. #19 overall is not nearly the lock, or player, most times as a # 6 overall pick. Mets? LOSE TODAY!!!! PLEASE!!!!

Mack Ade said...

Gary -

I would shite-can the 'best player available plan and draft an outfielder until I get it right.

My three guys that I would super scout until draft day:

Joe Gray Jr. - Hattiesburg HS (MS)

Jarred Kelenic - Waukesha West HS (WI)

Trevor Larnach - Oregon State

Mack Ade said...

NYM lose: pick #6
NYM, SD & ATL win: pick #6
NYM & SD win, ATL lose: pick #7
NYM & ATL win, SD lose: pick #7
NYM win, SD & ATL lose: pick #8

Thomas Brennan said...

Mack, knowing this team like we all do, will you be at all surprised draft-wise if we end up "selecting door # 5?" I won't.

Thomas Brennan said...

Phil Evans' hit to start the 11th inning rally was a line drive. I am henceforth dubbing him Mr. Line Drive. It seems to be what he does in most at bats.

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