Depletion of WBC Talent

Except from worldofbaseball:

The United States lost two of their premium outfielders in Brad Hawpe and Grady Sizemore, both to injuries, but lost nonetheless. Now their outfield looks more like a collection of everyday players with Curtis Granderson, Shane Victorino and Ryan Braun, but the best the United States can offer. Not likely. All are very good outfielders, but when you expect the best, these are the names you don’t expect to see. Tell me those are going to be the All Star outfielders when the All Star game is played in July and perhaps I’ll get more enthusiastic.


Mack: It seems to me that the future of the WBC might be tainted if this exodus of talent continues. Look, there was no way the Mets were going to let Johan Santana pitch, and he still hasn't pitched an inning this spring. IMO, all it will take is one season-ending injury to turn the tide here.


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